How old is Pete Tong, who are the Heritage Orchestra and where did the word ‘it’s all left Pete Tong’ come from?

PETE Tong is one of the many recognized names in music – and not just since he’s universe category DJ.

He works for BBC Radio 1 and hosts programmes such as Essential Mix and Essential Selection… and his name doubles as cockney rhyming jargon for when something doesn’t utterly go to plan.

 It's all left right for Pete Tong
It’s all left right for Pete Tong

Who is Pete Tong and how old is he?

Pete was innate in Dartford on 30 Jul 1960. That creates him 57. He was prepared at King’s School in Kent. His strange low-pitched seductiveness was in drumming, but changed on to DJing when he played his first open gig at a friend’s marriage at age 15.

After he left school, Pete set up a mobile disco formed in a Transit van, but shortly started his own bar in Baker Street called Family Function.

He began his radio career in the late 1970s, and mde his first coming on Radio 1 in 1981.

Pete’s Friday dusk show, branded as the Essential Selection for its first 15 years, started in Jan 1991 and still continues every week. He’s the second-longest portion DJ -after Annie Nightingale – on Radio 1.

 Pete Tong is, unbelievably, scarcely 60
Pete Tong is, unbelievably, scarcely 60

What’s the Heritage Orchestra?

Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley, will be behaving Ibiza Classics at several locations in the UK on the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of Dec 2017.

Heritage Orchestra, a 30 to 60-piece orchestra, was founded in Jun 2004 by Christopher Wheeler and Jules Buckley.

The band collaborates with present-day artists from the mainstream and initial worlds of music and art and is now proprietor at the De La Warr Pavilion in East Sussex.

They perform using amplification, sound design, and several other artistic technologies that yield some-more layers to consider amidst the existent strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, and stroke section.

They also combine with visible artists and light designers to artistic immersive multi-sensory shows.

Where did the word “it’s all left Pete Tong” come from?

If you’ve ever wondered where the word “it’s all left Pete Tong” came from, congratulations – you’re in luck.

It’s used as rhyming jargon for “a bit wrong” and was first coined by Paul Oakenfold in late 1987 in an essay about poison residence called “Bermondsey Goes Balearic” for Terry Farley and Pete Heller’s Boys Own fanzine.

It’s All Gone Pete Tong is also the pretension of a 2004 film which portrays a illusory DJ’s practice as he realises he is apropos deaf. The DJ, Frankie Wilde, is played by Paul Kaye.

All Gone Pete Tong Is also the name of Pete’s bar night at Pacha in Ibiza and his nightly radio programme in America.

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