Jerry Seinfeld refuses to cuddle Kesha

WASHINGTON — Kesha has had a rough past few years and could substantially use a hug, but Jerry Seinfeld is not going to be the one to give it. 

The comedian pronounced “no thanks” several times when Kesha asked for a cuddle at a star-studded gift eventuality in Washington progressing this week.

Video shows Kesha interrupting an talk Seinfeld was doing with a internal news contributor forward of the “Night of Laughter Song” eventuality at the Kennedy Center on Monday. The thespian wanted a cuddle from the comedian, but Seinfeld regularly declined and corroborated off. 

Kesha fast walked divided while Seinfeld laughed and told the contributor he “didn’t know who that was.” He pronounced that he wished her the best after being told it was Kesha.

The thespian didn’t seem too dissapoint about the encounter, posting on Twitter on Tuesday that she has “lots to grin about.”

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