Coronation Street spoilers: Who is Alex, Michelle Connor’s son, and what is his story so far?

Who is Michelle's son Alex in Corrie and what is his story so far?
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Michelle Connor is set to get a blast from the past in Coronation Street when she comes face to face with her biological son Alex Neeson – scarcely 10 years given the storyline was last referenced on screen. 

Liz is repelled to find that the new trainee GP at the medical centre is Alex but he swears her to secrecy, revelation her that he doesn’t wish to pronounce with his mum. However, when Michelle then cuts her palm at home and heads to the surgery, she sees Alex for herself and wants to reconstruct their relationship, dynamic to find out because they lost touch.

For many years, it seemed almost as if Corrie had retconned Alex out of its story but as the soap now revisits the plotline, here’s what happened way back when Alex was first introduced.

  • Alex was innate to Michelle as the same time that Ryan was innate to Wendy and Nick Neeson but the babies were incidentally churned up.
  • Michelle and Dean brought Ryan up as their son – conjunction set of relatives were wakeful of the baby swap.
  • Alex fell ill at 14 and Wendy and Nick took him to hospital where blood tests suggested that Nick couldn’t be his dad.

  • Nick insincere Wendy had cheated but a DNA test after reliable that Wendy wasn’t associated to Alex either.
  • Nick began examination Ryan, his tangible son, from distant after tracking him down with a private investigator.
  • Michelle confronted Nick and he told her that their babies had been substituted but she called him a liar.
  • A DNA test was after taken to endorse what Nick had been revelation Michelle and Ryan ran divided to find Alex.
  • Alex and Ryan got into a fight after Ryan suggested the law and Alex was hit by a automobile in the struggle.
  • The DNA results came back and suggested that Alex was the son of Michelle but both families motionless to keep things as they were.
  • However, Michelle waited for Alex outward of his school and introduced herself. Alex after incited up at the Rovers.
  • Alex’s participation caused tragedy – generally with Ryan. He also caused waves at Liam’s marriage by introducing himself to Michelle’s grandparents as their genuine grandson.
  • After Alex was held shoplifting, Michelle concluded to take him in when he gave her address. He refused to go back to Nick and Wendy.
Michelle comes face to face with Alex in Coronation Street
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  • Alex dissapoint Steve when he let Amy ramble off and Ryan changed out, incompetent to cope with Alex being around.
  • Michelle conceded that she would have to send Alex back to Wendy and Nick. Afterwards, Alex refused to see her.
  • Steve reached out to Alex and he concluded to see Michelle again. She took him to Ireland to meet his relatives and it was accepted that they stayed in touch.
  • Alex was not mentioned on screen again, and Ryan was treated on screen as Michelle’s son, with her even referring to giving birth to him.
  • Alex turns up as a new trainee GP locally and Michelle asks because he hasn’t been in touch. He is played by James Burrows.
  • Ryan is also set to return to the show as partial of the storyline, which promises to be thespian for Michelle.

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