What Would Charles Darwin Say Today?



What would Charles Darwin say, today, if he could? About the bequest that he left behind? Has it evolved? Evolution, after all, is an ongoing ‘creative’ process.

In Darwin Online, Darwin’s Origin of Species, first book 1859 page 484 it says: “Therefore we should infer from analogy that substantially all the organic beings which have ever lived on this Earth have descended from some one former form, into which life was first breathed.” Why has the plain acknowledgment by Darwin, that he believed in a exhale giver, been abandoned all this time, generally by biologist Richard Dawkins, which should have, and still can, change the world?…But those who could – don’t .http://www.skyvalleychronicle.com/LETTERS-TO-EDITOR/LETTER-TO-BILL-GATES-FROM-MODERN-DAY-GALILEO-301766  Correction – my detriment shall be about 20 cents.

In a video, The Unbelievers, biology highbrow Richard Dawkins and fanciful physicist Lawrence Krauss are roving the Globe and compelling atheism; since they explain there is no God. Dawkins wrote in his book The God Delusion on Page 73, “If he existed and chose to exhibit it, God himself could bind the justification noisily and unquestionably in his favor.” What a genuine ask from a scientist, that is just as childish as some eremite beliefs he is trying to discredit, however justified. Can he ever overcome the anger of childhood and early teen eremite indoctrination, which he displays at many discussions?

Richard Dawkins argues for expansion with a passion and that, “natural preference is a accumulative process, and Darwin teaches us to find out graded ramps of solemnly augmenting complexity…many flowers use a bribe, customarily nectar…” Does he not disciple a ‘creative’ routine that necessitates comprehension and suspicion that is means to select and bribe? Without motivation, zero would “creep up the peaceful slope to the summit, Mount Improbable.” Is this not logical? With SOFTWARE – could report the whole evolutionary process. Why has Mr. Dawkins never suspicion of that? Yet he regards anybody who doesn’t trust in expansion as stupid, violent or hasn’t review Jerry Coyne’s book, ‘Why expansion is true.’

R.D. “No need to desert expansion overnight…if new justification arose to oppose it.” Just supplement SOFTWARE.g.o.

It is startling that Richard Dawkins, with his biblical genius of reasoning, is the many distinguished opinion builder in the non-believer movement, which does not pronounce good for the universities, academics and the world. Such thinking, however, serves the investiture well, with such materialistic, automatic star view, as the recognition and access by scientists that life is not an accident, and consequently, there must be, yes, a Creator. (More about HIM – HER or IT later) This would bluster many professions and businesses. But the star and people humour the consequences, as is clear with the never finale synthetic poverty, wars and the arise of nonconformist Fundamentalism.

Most people that have been brought up with presumably origination or evolution, seem to be set in their ways for life. Journalist Albert Mohler wrote about a TV discuss in 2014, about Bill Nye The Science Guy, and Ken Ham an devout Christian. Quote: “How do we know anything at all? On what basement do we extend egghead authority? Is the star self-contained and self-explanatory? Is there a Creator, and can we know him? On those questions, Ham and Nye were distant by gigantic egghead space. They shared the stage, but they do not live in the same egghead world. Nye is truly committed to a mercenary and naturalistic worldview. Ham is an devout Christian committed to the management of the Bible. The strife of ultimate worldview questions was vividly displayed for all to see..Both work in fundamentally sealed egghead systems.” End quote.

And this happened, and still does, on universe earth. I’m blissful we was never indoctrinated by any eremite or earthy institution, that requires faith and faithfulness for ones livelihood. My proclivity to investigate and doubt everything, had its roots in the Second World War in Germany, as a fearful child asking – why? And millions of trusting children today, asking the same – why?

In support for the following ideas and arguments, as a layman, I’ll quote the late philosopher David Hume: “There is zero to be schooled from a professor, which can't be met with in books.”

There is a blank between sacrament and atheism. Science with common clarity is desperately needed. But we are ill advised, in this respect, from people like Stephen Hawking, who said: “ we had controversially shown the laws of inlet advise there is no need for a Creator or God.”…“M-theory predicts that a good many universes were combined out of nothing. Their origination does not need the involvement of some abnormal being or god. Rather, these mixed universes arise from earthy law. The star came into existence all by itself…Hawking quietly dismisses the whole fortify of law as dead.” we disagree.

Since Mr. Hawking is an ‘occasional’ gambler, in systematic matters, I’ll peril him $100 that it can't be so, if he accepts the arguments within this paper.

Science offers no reason what creates the nucleus spin within the atom, or what is the source of this illusory phenomenon? Imagine, if the source that creates the electrons spin was terminated, the star and we, would simply disappear. Because what we know as matter is zero but dull space. If all atomic particles were private from the body, there would be zero of us left to demeanour at. So much for the mass of the benefaction importance.

“No scientist could presumably be informed with all the systematic facts, discoveries and information, not even within his or her own margin of specialization,” pronounced fanciful physicist Eliyahu Comay of Tel Aviv University.

This humble-honest acknowledgment by a scientist, should give people something to consider about who ask, who done the Designer?

The strenuous justification of comprehension in inlet and in the human mind potential, presupposes the existence of an Architect/Mind that we conclude but may never know in the life. We simply call it nature, as it is unbiased and non-responsive to the wishes and prayers. We do not have to ask for miracles and wonders, they’re in and all around us.

Could anybody tell the disproportion between a sleeping and a defunct person, side by side in a picture? Exactly! If the genuine YOU and I, not the organic-based physique we temporarily inhabit, is invisible and intangible, and is who knows where, while sleeping, or dead; how then can Dawkins and Krauss ask such a ridiculous doubt and expects something opposite from a Creator/God?

If God, HE – SHE or IT started the star with the Big Bang, then is it not trustworthy that inherited Software was thorough that is activated when heavenly conditions are right for life to unfold? And that means hands off from thereon, and Creavolution will take its course…http://www.baltimorechronicle.com/2013/130819Ostermann.shtml

Of march we can assume forever, if all or some of the laws of inlet were created, or they simply are. Or, were there elements in God’s mind – lets see what happens? Like the invalid (to us) dinosaurs and the other 99% archaic species? What do we really know? Leave some room for peoples IMAGINATION, as this may be some-more critical than knowledge, as Albert Einstein suggested.

Even Bill Gates admitted: “ DNA is like a mechanism program but far, distant some-more modernized than any module we’ve ever created.”

”Would anybody trust in the shift of the moth if it weren’t an determined fact? Not in a million years. And the hotly debated Flagella, whose ‘irreducible complexity’ is discharged by atheist/biologists, since tools of the Flagella can be found in other cells and organisms. So?, SOFTWARE is in all seeds and biological organisms, and is invisible, just like the SOFTWARE in all the synthetic smart gadgets.

It seems that all ‘experts’ are loosing steer of the fact that, if the star and life were all accidental, than it would be elementary and would have been accepted a prolonged time ago, and we would not have these debates..http://salem-news.com/articles/october022011/big-bang-go.php

Do we ever consider what defective earthy creatures we humans are, compared to other animals? Some have in serve to their higher 5 senses – ultra sound – heat-seeking-magnetic-star and intent navigation abilities, and who knows what other senses? Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says that “the human brain is the many formidable intent that mom inlet has constructed in this territory of the galaxy. Since we see no justification of other intelligent life-forms in the solar system, this means that you have to go out to at slightest 24 trillion miles, to the nearest star, and even over to find an intent as formidable as the one sitting inside your scull.” Wow. And this intent tells me, that life is not an accident, and awaits the egghead and devout discovery.

Not realizing and not using the brain/mind potentials creates the problems that we have in the world, that the late social clergyman Erich Fromm wrote about 40 years ago:” If life’s bent to grow, to be lived, is thwarted, the appetite so blocked undergoes a routine of change and is remade into life-destructive energy. Destructiveness is the outcome of unlived life. Evil constitutes the crippling of a human beings power. Criminals (and terrorist) are done not born.”

Fromm serve suggested a law of Being, contra the never finale query for Having, which would automatically revoke apparatus direct and hothouse gas emission. We humans could then not be blamed for global warming or meridian change. Why don’t we request such trust and knowledge in multitude and the world, instead of clogging up the prisons and destroying the star in unconstrained wars and invalid competitions. Think about ENTROPY. Our star is like a silt clock-it can't be incited around.http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/utopia-or-oblivion-by-gunther-ostermann/

If we wouldn’t have… any people vital in misery and the ills it creates, and people of all ages who worry about the future, and people having to work in the arms attention to earn a living, and people-for miss of use are forced to enroll in he army, “to fire other people, who don’t know any other, on interest of people who know any other, but don’t fire any other.”(Mike Walsh)

And – since – fight criminals Bush and Blair are walking the streets as free men (because the hero writes history), and raking in millions in speaking fees, despite the fact that prosecutors at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal in 2011 pronounced this: “Bush and Blair are found guilty under the same law that practical to the Nazis after the finish of World War 2. So, they are general (war) criminals guilty of Nuremberg crimes against peace; and they should be prosecuted by any state in the star that gets a hold of them. We will continue the efforts to bring Bush and Blair to probity and put them in jail.” Francis Boyle, an general law consultant and prosecutor, told Press TV.


And – if Bill Gates and Ted Turner would have responded to my plea, maybe a trillion dollars and a million lives could have been saved, and Libya could still be the many moneyed country in Africa, that it once was. http://www.baltimorechronicle.com/ol_symposium_jan03.html 

And – if Stephen Hawking and Noam Chomsky wouldn’t have to contend a decade ago: “How can the human race means another 100 years? But now, Hawking updated his warning that we have reduction than 600 years before the universe turns into ”a sizzling fireball.” And -15 000 scientists from 180 countries released the same apocalyptic warnings, but proposing any elemental changes?

And – maybe – if some ‘well to do’ people would have responded to my plea, again, in 2008.

http://www.countercurrents.org/ostermann190708.htm…Then we would not have to write this paper.

Only with honesty, law and probity can there be a future for the species, and plants and animals on the annihilation list, and we don’t see any of it-anywhere. Our planet, for its health and presence needs privileged, prepared and bargain inhabitants. Essentially, we’re all shareholders what the earth and record can provide. But this, OUR BIRTHRIGHT, has been stolen from the infancy of the people, by a very crafty financial system, that is managed by ‘puppets’ who do the behest of a tiny absolute clique, who detected the origination of income out of fresh air, a prolonged time ago.


It’s amazing, that the formerly mentioned atheists, trust and speak with such conviction, about what happened billions of years ago, and millions of light years out there; and that all – what we see – and are, came out of nothing, and but a Cause. Yet they seem totally oblivious/ignorant of the REAL star and ‘money origination out of fresh air,’* manifest right before the eyes. One example: National Geographic. Jan 1993, Vol 183, The Power of Money. *Why don’t these people, do a little research, ask doubt and campaign to finish this treacherous use that enslaves amiability and destroys the world?

Likewise, since doesn’t Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist and executive of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, use some of his smarts and go the ‘source,’ where the Military Industrial Complex gets their income from, for his concern/project to presumably save amiability from extinction? Then he would not have to say: ”If humans one day turn archaic from a inauspicious collision, we would be the shouting batch of aliens in the galaxy, for having a vast brain and a space program, nonetheless we met the same predestine as that pea-brained, space program-less dinosaurs that came before us.”

Since Neil talks about ‘pea brain;’ it is engaging to know that the tangible appetite that broken Hiroshima or Nagasaki weighed only 600 milligrams and was the distance of a pea? And that potentially mortal appetite is now in the hands of a few people, who seem to have a pea distance brain, otherwise, they wouldn’t even consider and bluster to unleash that fatal power, again, on humanity. Even considering a required war, against North Korea or any other country, is a crime against humanity. Global Nuremberg Trials will eventually happen.

As an remedy to this war-mongering mentality, here is a video that represents the indication of the Hydrogen Atom, the things that we are done of…

This is my creation, and we offer it for free, if there are people with the means and ability to make it accessible to the world, to commission people, with this slogan…                                     I – LOVE – OUR – PLANET – THE ONLY ONE – WE HAVE …I – adore – the – planet,                  is self exegetic but words. The only one we have , to fit a countries language.

I like to finish my defence for sanity, bargain and assent with Carl Sagan’s video, “The Pale Blue Dot.”


Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna, BC. Canada  gco@shaw.ca

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