3 JetBlue flights in 2 weeks diverted due to cabin odors

WASHINGTON — Mysterious smoke have recently caused problems for passengers and organisation aboard JetBlue flights, all on Airbus A320 planes.

On JetBlue moody 19 Thursday night, 126 passengers had to leave after smoke disgusted members of the crew.

The moody from Boston to San Diego diverted to Buffalo, where firefighters searched the plane. A commander and two moody attendants were taken to a hospital.

Passenger Michael Feuerstein shot video after the moody landed showing the firefighters on board.


Cell phone video from on house JetBlue moody 19

“That’s all you could smell, jet fuel,” Feuerstein said. “I have a large headache … I’m just intensely tired and kind of aggrieved by the whole incident. It was terrifying.”

Just hours progressing in Fort Lauderdale, ambulances waited as JetBlue moody 385 firm for Barbados returned to the gate.

“They have a craft that’s coming back, primarily with 3 moody attendants with headache,” pronounced an emergency dispatcher. “Somebody on oxygen, they contend it’s since of fumes.”

And last week, a third JetBlue Airbus with 153 on house done an emergency alighting in Oklahoma City due to an fragrance in the cabin. Three organisation members and two passengers were taken to the hospital.


Mark Rosenker

“Jet aircraft gets its air that people breathe from the engines,” pronounced former NTSB Chair Mark Rosenker.

He says in singular instances, the seals on the engines can leak, permitting chemicals in.

“It then blends with the air which is being pushed into the aircraft that people are breathing. And that’s where these aromas will many times come from,” Rosenker said.

Fire crews did not detect anything at dangerous levels after the two Thursday flights landed. JetBlue and the FAA are questioning all 3 incidents.

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