Mob boss fires his counsel in purported coercion case in NYC court

It did not go good for a wiseguy who tried to act as his own counsel Thursday in Brooklyn sovereign court.

Battista (Benny) Geritano was portion 12 years in state jail for a 2012 stabbing at a Brooklyn bar when the feds indicted him for mailing melancholy letters.

The conjectural Gambino associate is charged with allegedly using the mail in Feb to dedicate coercion — but Brooklyn sovereign prosecutors didn’t get much over in articulate about the case since Geritano had to be private from the courtroom.

“He’s fired. I’m representing myself,” Geritano pronounced about Michael Sporn, his court-appointed invulnerability counsel for the day.

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“We have a few wrinkles,” Sporn told Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky.

When Geritano insisted on anticipating out the names of the bureau in the room, Pohorelsky pronounced that wasn’t something he indispensable know.

Actually it was, pronounced Geritano.

“You’re in my court,” Geritano said, adding he was a “sovereign Christian male.”

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He tried handing a handwritten note when Pohorelsky told him not to. The court asked the marshals to mislay Geritano.

“No, it’s better we do it now,” he protested when at slightest 3 marshals swarmed. Geritano wriggled a little and they shoved him out the room.

Geritano refused to be fingerprinted or processed, pronounced Assistant U.S. Attorney Lindsay Gerdes — who also had Geritano’s stabbing case when she was with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

Geritano, 44, faces up to 20 years on the sovereign charge.

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When Geritano was constructed a second time, he insisted he was going to be his own lawyer. “He’s not my attorney, he’s fired,” Geritano pronounced of Sporn again.

The case is on for a second moment at an prosecution on Tuesday.

In 2011, Geritano was destitute for allegedly stabbing pizza cook Mark Iacono in a fight over a woman. The charges were forsaken when Iacono and Geritano didn’t determine to testify.

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