Baby dies after being left in 109-degree feverishness in Florida trailer

A Florida man has been charged with killing after leaving his 8-month-old son to die in 109-degree feverishness in his trailer.

William Hendrickson’s baby upheld divided at the stage on Thursday after Largo police officers and paramedics could not revitalise him, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The little boy’s 2-year-old sister suffered serious dehydration as good and was hospitalized. Investigators found the feverishness in Hendrickson’s bedroom in the Largo mobile home to be 109 degrees.

Hendrickson, 25, had been cautioned by internal social services not to leave the kids in the bubbling bedroom, according to the newspaper.

Tenn. relatives charged with murder in prohibited automobile death of son, 2

“The Largo Police would like to remind adults of the dangers of Florida’s high temperatures in cramped or feeble ventilated spaces, generally for children, the elderly, and those with special medical concerns,” Lt. Randall Chaney said, according to Largo Patch.

“Be wakeful of the signs of dehydration, feverishness stress, and feverishness stroke and take stairs to forestall them.”

Hendrickson was arrested Thursday night and charged with aggravated killing and child neglect.

He is being held on $150,000 bond.

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