Captain America supports bullied child

Captain America star Chris Evans has invited a bullied child to the 2018 premiere of Avengers: Infinity War.

He was one of many stars to chatter a summary of support to Keaton Jones after seeing a video of the child speaking about being bullied.

Actress and thespian Hailee Steinfeld asked Keaton to be her date for the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere.

While Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown pronounced she wanted to be friends with him.

The footage was creatively published on Facebook by his silent Kimberley on Friday and has given racked up 22m views.

In the video Keaton, who lives in Tennessee in the US, asks: “Why do they find fun in holding trusting people and anticipating a way to be meant to them? It’s not OK.”

“People that are opposite don’t need to be criticised about it. It’s not their fault.

“It’s hard. It’ll substantially get better one day.”

Keaton also says he had divert poured on him and ham put down his shirt during one bullying incident.

In a post on Facebook, his silent pronounced her son asked to be videoed after he had her collect him up given he was fearful to go to lunch.

She wrote: “We all know how it feels to wish to belong, but only a name few know how it really feels not to go anywhere.”

“Stay strong, Keaton. Don’t let them make you spin cold,” Chris Evans tweeted.

“That fact he has magnetism and care for other people when he’s going by it himself, is a covenant to who he is,” pronounced Justin Bieber.

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“What creates you so special is that there is only one you,” pronounced Hailee Steinfeld in a Twitter entice to her premiere.

“I consider you’re so cold Keaton,” wrote Millie Bobby Brown.

Other messages of support came from thespian Demi Lovato, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, Detroit star Will Poulter, Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Star Wars’ Mark Hamill and rapper Snoop Dogg.

Many other stars of cinema and competition shared messages of support for Keaton on Twitter.

Keaton spent Sunday with Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano, who pronounced he was like his “little brother.”

Chris Evans invitation has been favourite some-more than 650,000 times on Twitter but there has been some recoil given the video went viral.

Photos of Keaton and family members posing with the Confederate dwindle and guns have been shared online.

The dwindle is controversial as it was first introduced in the US Civil War by the states fighting to keep labour authorised and some see it as a pitch of secular hatred.

This has led to some people accusing his family of being racist.

Other people have argued that bullying should be cursed regardless of a family’s beliefs.

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