GOP senator contemptible for cold remarks on Fla. nursing home deaths

A Republican lawmaker is apologizing for comments he done about the 14 Florida nursing home deaths.

Sen. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala) pronounced Wednesday that The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills’ feverishness condition wasn’t to censure for the deaths, and suggested that some patients presumably died naturally.

“Look at the population. You’re traffic with the 90-somethings. Some of these deaths would naturally occur, charge or no storm,” he said, according to CBS Miami.

Baxley combined that “everyone who was in that nursing home will die. But we don’t need to charge those all to the charge and bad policy.”

Employees laid off at Fla. nursing home where 12 residents died

The senator, who is also a wake director, apologized for his comments on Thursday.

“I apologize if my comments yesterday did not scrupulously communicate the low honour we have for elder members of the communities and the regard we share per the preventable tragedy that occurred in Hollywood,” he pronounced in a statement.

Baxley’s position on the nursing home contrasts those of other lawmakers, including Florida Gov. Rick Scott — who has been vicious of the core amid a police review into the deaths.

Scott had systematic emergency manners for nursing homes and assisted vital comforts to install generators within 60 days.

Two some-more deaths reported at Fla. nursing home following Irma

The administrator formerly pronounced the nursing home staff unsuccessful to surprise state officials if anyone was in danger.

Eight residents died in the breathless feverishness on Sept. 13 — 3 days after Irma hit the state. Six some-more people died after they were evacuated.

The core has given been closed, and it laid off 245 of its employees on Sept. 20.

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