Man killed 5-year-old stepdaughter for interrupting nap

A Michigan man who fatally stabbed his stepdaughter and then set her physique on fire was condemned to life in jail but the probability of parole.

Thomas McClellan was found guilty last month of first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse and first-degree arson for the Nov 2016 death of 5-year-old Luna Younger.

On Wednesday, a judge condemned the 25-year-old man to offer 18 and 30 years on the arson and child abuse convictions. The murder self-assurance requires a imperative life sentence, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The 3 sentences will be served concurrently.

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During a taped admission that played during the trial, McClellan told a investigator that he killed Luna since she woke him up from his snooze to ask for something to eat. He pronounced when he tried to get the child to leave she sat on the building of the bedroom and wouldn’t move.

Luna Younger was murdered by her stepfather in Nov 2016.

Luna Younger was murdered by her stepfather in Nov 2016.


“It sloping me over the edge,” he said. “She gave me some-more attitude.”

McClellan then pronounced he pulled the kindergartner to the floor, sat on her hips and regularly stabbed her in the chest.

Prosecutors pronounced McClellan covered the girl’s physique with blankets, poured vodka on them and set the blankets on fire, Fox 2 reports.

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After the murder, McClellan took a shower, grabbed some equipment from the home and checked into a internal motel.

Thomas McClellan was condemned to life for the death of his stepdaughter.

Thomas McClellan was condemned to life for the death of his stepdaughter.

(Ingham County Sheriff’s Office)

The child’s mother, Victoria King, was at work at the time of the murder. She after told investigators that she and McClellan had been married for about 3 months and they had argued the day he killed Luna.

During Wednesday’s sentencing, Paula McKay, who spoke on interest of Luna’s family, pronounced she had forgiven McClellan.

“I urge for you. And we enterprise assent and wish for you,” she said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “There exists unhappiness like nothing other we have ever known. A unhappiness at the detriment of so many hopes and dreams. Hopes for the future of you and Victoria. Hope for the future of a little girl – the lovely Luna. Hope for two mothers who saw their children happy and calm in a new marriage. Hope for two families who had come together on a day not so distant divided in the past.”

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