SD man arrested for valiantly pulling drink out of blazing home

This hero’s for you.

Facing smoke, abandon — and common clarity — one proprietor of Sioux Falls, S.D., chose to save not one but two of his best Buds.

The multifamily chateau still burning, Michael Casteel reportedly abandoned police and firefighters, pulling past them as they helped other residents to get back into his apartment.

As dipsomaniac as he was dauntless, the savior of wash would emerge from the combustion carrying two cans of Bud Ice Premium.

Man accused of thievery claims ‘zombies were trying to get him’

However, for his efforts to rescue America’s first ice brewed breeze beer, the 56-year-old was soon arrested and charged with interference a firefighter or law coercion official.

Model and Property Released (MRPR)

After the incident, the Sioux Falls Police Department tweeted out, “It is not advisable to pull past PD and Fire in an try to ‘save your beer.’”

According to the Smoking Gun, Casteel was arrested in Mar for dipsomaniac pushing among other misconduct charges, including melancholy an officer and pushing with an open container.

His hearing is scheduled for May 16.

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