Clayton Kershaw rejects ballhawk Zack Hample’s ask for ball

Zack Hample held some grief from Clayton Kershaw on Father’s Day.

The remarkable ballhawk — who has snagged thousands of baseballs from major-league stadiums all over the country and created books on the theme — pronounced the Dodgers pitcher close him down in the first inning when he asked for a ball.

Hample, the one to locate Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit in 2015, shared the communication in a series of tweets Sunday night.

“Today we asked Clayton Kershaw if we could have a baseball. He said, ‘No, you got 7,000 of ‘em.’ #rejected

“…it was a blue Father’s Day ball. we said, ‘It would meant so much to me,’ and Kershaw was like, ‘No, it wouldn’t.’ Still adore him.

“…with that logic, Kershaw’s next paycheck shouldn’t meant all that much to him, right?”

Zack Hample

Zack Hample

(NBC/NBC around Getty Images)

Baseball fans jumped on Hample for comparing his not getting a round to Kershaw’s paycheck.

“So are u comparing baseballs to money?” one person tweeted.

Hample responded: “Nah, just poking fun at a gazillionaire who called out someone else for having too much of something.”

Kershaw may not be a fan, but Hample tweeted that he finished up getting a round anyway in the sixth inning.

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