It’s all OBJ all the time to Beckham, even during Giants disaster

The universe has crumbled around the Giants. Eli Manning got benched. Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese got fired.

And nonetheless all Odell Beckham Jr. wants to pronounce about is his favorite topic:

Odell Beckham.

Beckham hasn’t weighed in once on Manning, McAdoo or Reese, even yet Manning threw Beckham all of the passes he held to turn a juvenile NFL star; McAdoo enabled Beckham to do what he gratified on and off the field; and Reese drafted Beckham 12th altogether in 2014 to give him the theatre of New York City.

Odell Beckham claims double customary after Tom Brady outburst


Odell Beckham has been wholly endangered with himself while the rest of his group suffers by to the finish of a disaster of a season.

(Julio Cortez/AP)

Beckham did, however, have time to post an Instagram on Wednesday a video comparing his passion for the diversion to Tom Brady’s, claiming a double customary in media’s diagnosis of the two players for the same actions. It continued a review he had assimilated on Twitter early Monday, only hours before his manager and GM were fired.

Beckham responded on Twitter to @Sean_Lyric’s criticism about Brady screaming like a goofy at Patriots descent coordinator Josh McDaniels on New England’s sideline last Sunday.


A post shared by Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) on Dec 6, 2017 at 9:55am PST

“It’s ‘passion bro. Imagine if @OBJ_3 showed some of this ‘passion’ towards any of his coaches… Smh #DoubleStandard,” the user wrote.

Beckham said: “Listen when we contend this is the craziest thing someone ever has tweeted or posted to me given we LITERALLY had this same review currently about the EXACT thing ur ta(l)kin about it (sic). ‘There’s rules..and then there’s rules..”

Osi Umenyiora: NFL players against conduct damage manners are ‘stupid’

“Or …..immaturity, or ‘needs to grow up’ or ‘selfish’ or… umm what else is it accurately that ‘they’ say…..,” Beckham continued in his next tweet. “Or ‘uncomposed’ (sic) no bro , I’ve watched that man do that accurate same thing for years. Beat every time we cheered for in the super bowls…”

Then on Wednesday Beckham posted a video on his Instagram criticism clips of Brady erupting on the sidelines and Beckham demonstrating the same behavior.

It was Beckham’s way of observant he is only emulating one of the greats, and that he feels it’s astray he’s called juvenile for the same function that people marker up as lovely passion on Brady’s part.

The inconsistency in open notice of athletes’ sideline outbursts is a inestimable issue to debate. But clearly, Beckham is bored. He is not the story and he hasn’t been for some time, and here he comes production a debate to get back in the conversation.

Sterling Shepard, Jason Pierre-Paul lay out use with damage

He must skip being on the publication back pages. Well, congratulations, OBJ. Your wish has been granted.

Of march Beckham comparing himself to Brady is ridiculous for a thousand reasons.

Beckham sees a lot of himself in Tom Brady, but they really don't have much at all in common.

Beckham sees a lot of himself in Tom Brady, but they really don’t have much at all in common.

(Kathy Willens/AP)

Brady, 40, has won 5 Super Bowls, is possibly arguably or definitively the best quarterback of all time, and has been in the joining given 2000, when Beckham incited eight years old.

Beckham, 25, hasn’t won a playoff game, and in his one playoff coming forsaken two passes including a touchdown and lost by 25 points. He preceded that diversion with an all-night party in Miami clubs and on a vessel 6 days prior, and punched a hole in Lambeau Field’s wall after the defeat.

Interim manager Steve Spagnuolo aims to ‘restore Giants pride’

The many new durability picture of Brady is of the Patriots quarterback holding up the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time, a record for a quarterback, last February. The many new durability picture of Beckham is of the Giants receiver lifting his leg and sanctimonious to pee like a dog in the Philadelphia finish section on Sept. 24.

There is zero identical about Brady and Beckham other than the fact that both of their last names start with ‘B.’ Beckham is a good player but he has achieved zero and he is on his third manager now in 4 years.

But what should be discussed here is not Beckham’s comparison of himself to Brady. We all know it’s not valid, and we all know that the context and border of Beckham’s transgressions are opposite than Brady’s. And we all know that Brady has won 5 championships and that Beckham still has to infer he can win one.

Still, no. The story here isn’t Beckham vs. Brady. The story is that Beckham wants to pronounce about himself at a time when the story is about anything but him: organizational dysfunction, a manager and GM losing their jobs, Beckham’s own quarterback being benched. And no criticism from Beckham on any of those topics. Just himself.

Geno Smith has gotten astray diagnosis during Eli Manning disaster

Beckham was in the locker room Wednesday but declined to pronounce to many of the media, selecting a few of his favorites for side-conversations, and pronounced he’d pronounce to everybody at the finish of the season.

Now Beckham, as co-owner John Mara reminded Monday on the radio, is a good person with good intentions.

While Beckham has been out recuperating from surgery, Ben McAdoo (right) has been fired and Eli Manning (No. 10) has been unceremoniously benched.

While Beckham has been out recuperating from surgery, Ben McAdoo (right) has been fired and Eli Manning (No. 10) has been unceremoniously benched.

(Al Bello/Getty Images)

Beckham’s cleats for the NFL’s ‘My Cause My Cleats’ campaign, which he posted on Instagram, are orange immature with the difference TEAM JAYRO, in respect of the late Jayro Ponce, a cancer studious whom Beckham visited in Amarillo, Texas, in the summer who upheld divided at 9 years old.

Beckham also posted a diversion photo of himself and Ryan Shazier and sent prayers to the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, who suffered a frightening spinal damage in Monday night’s diversion in Cincinnati.

Ben McAdoo interjection Giants for the event as conduct manager

On the Giants, though, Beckham, for some reason, thinks the review should be about him.

Sorry, Odell. Everyone wants you to get healthy for next season. It was good to see you out of a foot and operative out in sneakers in the weight room on Wednesday. It’s a payoff to watch you play.

But this isn’t the time to smoke out your chest. People just lost their jobs. Your time will come again.

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