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Black VW Golf with leather-based seats, sunroof and satnav is a vehicle ladies indeed need — however 94 per cent don’t faith sellers

FOR anybody in a relationship, this competence come as small shock.

Ladies solve what automobiles we purchase.

 The classical small black series that women can't do without
The simple small black apportion that girls can't do with out

80% of car-buying choices are done by ladies
94% of ladies don’t faith sellers
40% of ladies aged 45+ dismay car-buying march of
70% of ladies and group determine vehicle compelling is only too masculine

In further to only about any small thing else, muttered any father in any singular place.

And it seems what ladies indeed need is a black VW Golf, costing between £100 and £200 a month.

If it has a combined reward of leather-based seats, satnav and a sunroof, she’ll be one totally happy hermosa.

The Ford Fiesta is a second hottest vehicle looked for by ladies on AutoTrader, adopted by a Ford Focus and BMW Three Sequence.

 With roughly no women feeling they can trust vehicle dealers, a attention needs to arise adult and chateau a design issue
With probably no ladies feeling they will faith vehicle sellers, a trade contingency get adult and hoop a design concern

1. VW Golf
2. Ford Fiesta
3. Ford Focus
4. BMW Three Sequence
5. Vauxhall Corsa
6. Audi A3
7. Vauxhall Astra
8. Mercedes C-Class
9. VW Polo
10. BMW 1 Sequence

Different complicated colors are white, gray and blue and high choices additionally welcome Bluetooth and parking sensors, as we competence see within a full lists on this article.

However opposite information flags adult serious points for a vehicle trade.

A towering 94 per cent of ladies don’t faith sellers, 40 per cent dismay a selling for march of and a fifth acknowledge to being confused by vehicle jargon.

Moreover, 70 per cent of ladies and group determine vehicle compelling is only too masculine.

 Leather seats, satnav and sunroof are all high on a list with women buyers
Leather-based seats, satnav and sunroof are all extreme on a record with ladies patrons

1. Black
2. White
3. Gray
4. Blue
5. Silver
6. Crimson
7. Inexperienced
8. Orange
9. Yellow
10. Navy

Fifth Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson, essay only for The Solar, has referred to as for vehicle companies to be additional Apple.

She stated: “You don’t wander into an Apple tradesman as a lady and suppose, ‘Yuck, it is a indeed off-putting masculine surroundings’, however we do unequivocally feel that means while we wander right into a dealership, that is so unsuitable.

 Fifth Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson says many vehicle dealerships are off-putting for women
Fifth Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson says many vehicle dealerships are off-putting for ladies

Confused by vehicle jargon?

Ladies 19%
Males 10%

“After all there are some family-friendly, female-friendly dealerships on a marketplace that make selling for a vehicle a silken expertise, however they’re few and many between.

“The vehicle trade contingency locate up. It contingency be many reduction hyper-male and additional gender impartial, only like a tech trade.

1. Leather-based seats
2. Satnav
3. Sunroof
4. Bluetooth
5. Parking digicam/sensor
6. Panoramic roof
7. Aircon
8. Heated seats
9. Cruise management
10. Computerized

“These days, ladies personal Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Bentleys and all forms of high-performance automobiles, in further to domicile SUVs.

“The place are a adverts displaying a lady behind a circle of a 600 horsepower supercar?

48.5m UK licences

Ladies 47%
Males 53%

“I’m a racing motorist and would like to see additional ladies proven in TV adverts for indeed rarely effective sports activities automobiles — within a pushing seat, not a newcomer chair or handing over a keys.”

lVicki can also be co- presenter of The REV check on AutoTrader’s YouTube channel, with Rachael Hogg and Erin Baker.

Blissful birthday Bentley

NO ONE will get a telegram from The Queen for reaching 99.

You’ve gotta say out compartment you’re 100. So because Bentley has unleashed a excellent ever vehicle a 12 months early I’ve no concept.

 I'm peaceful to be this is a best looking 99-year-old you've ever seen
we am prepared to be that is one of a best wanting 99-year-old you’ve got ever seen

Until there’s one thing indeed sold opening in 2019?

For a document, Bentley was formed in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley – therefore a WO number- image on this Continental GT.

Proper, let’s moment on. Oh my days. What a pleasure this vehicle is. Mighty and majestic. Half Le Mans racer, half limo and 110 per cent positive to make we enchanting to a choice intercourse.

That 635hp 6-litre W12 engine is arrange of ridiculous. It catapults from 0-62mph in simply 3.7 seconds and competence moment 207mph – with room for 4 folks and their baggage.

 How we can accelerate past 60mph in reduction than 4 seconds in a oppulance limousine we do not know
How one can speed adult prior 60mph in reduce than Four seconds in a lush limousine we have no idea

It has startling intensity for such an huge hen (2.2-something tons) though it feels totally managed (all-wheel drive, atmosphere suspension, 48V digital anti-roll bar, all sitting on a Porsche platform).

You received’t be repelled to investigate a 420mm brakes are a many critical of any highway vehicle on a marketplace – and larger than a wheels on a Fiesta. You’ll be even reduction astounded to learn it’s rather thirsty.

Extra like 12mpg than a central 23mpg – however for those who can means a 159 grand grand tourer, we received’t care.

Inside. In a phrase, beautiful. It’s like stepping on to a aeroplane and branch left, it feels so rattling sold and soothing.

 You will wish to live in a Continental GT's interior - it's doubtful your loll is anywhere nearby as comfortable
You’ll wish to stay within a Continental GT’s inside – it is doubtful your loll is wherever tighten to as snug

Lashings of wooden veneer, discriminating aluminium, diamond-patterned leather-based and jewel-like controls, all domestic in Crewe.

After all, a square de insurgency is a three-sided rotating show. One aspect with widescreen touchscreen, one aspect with 3 required dials and a third aspect as plain wooden.

Very James Bond. Just parasite here, sir/madam. It’s a £4,700 option.

However there’s extra. The 2018 GT can also be sanctified with a digital driver’s binnacle, head-up show, night time talented and prescient, adaptive journey management, sizzling/chilly massaging seats and additional module program formula than 15 Boeing Dreamliners.

 Attention to fact extends to any member of this vehicle - including a cut-glass whisky-tumbler headlights
Consideration to member extends to any member of this vehicle – together with a cut-glass whisky-tumbler headlights

And to suspect we knocked a old-fashioned Conti simply late for not carrying USB ports.

Final remark. These headlamps are full-on B L we N and G and are tender by minimize potion blockade tumblers. They give a sense of being category during night time.

Fabulous automobile. Arguably one of a best grand tourer on this planet.

Blissful 99th birthday, Bentley.

Worth: £159,000
Engine: 6-litre twin-turbo W12
Energy: 635hp, 900Nm
0-62mph: 3.7 secs
High velocity: 207mph
Economic system: 23mpg
Rivals: Aston Martin DB11, Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Win with Pirelli

 Ever had a dream that felt so real? You could join a feast of supercars during Blenheim Palace
Ever had a dream that felt so actual? You could presumably be partial of a feast of supercars during Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace. The hearth of Sir Winston Churchill.

A masterpiece of 18th-century Baroque structure.

And now, for during some indicate solely, chateau to larger than 1,000 of a world’s best supercars.

We’ve perceived 10 pairs of tickets to offer divided for a Blenheim Basic Supercar Present on Sep 2, pleasantness of a good folks during Pirelli.

Eighty handpicked supercars can be displayed inside a Nice Courtroom competing for a desired Pirelli “Better of Present” award.

On your luck to win a span of tickets, enter a giveaway pull during thesun.co.uk/motors by 6pm on Tuesday Aug 14.

Journey and camp not included.

Different TCs apply.

Reader’s vehicle of a week

 Hands adult who has ever owned a Fiesta...actually, hands adult who hasn't
Fingers adult who has ever owned a Fiesta…really, fingers adult who hasn’t

My small loyalty to a Peugeot 205 GTi final week stirred Dave Ford to boat in a sketch of his Eighties hatch.

He says: “It’s a 1989 Mk2 Fiesta, primarily a 950 Pop Plus however now a 2L Ford Zetec producing 151bhp with adult to date brakes and cessation and a few interlude Ford RS inside.” Tidy.

My Pop Plus finished adult roof-high in a ditch.

And a nominations are:

1. Suzuki Swift

2. Toyota Aygo

3. Kia Picanto

4. Vauxhall Corsa

5. Dacia Duster (pictured)

Vote now during thesun.co.uk/motorawards and we presumably can win a revisit for 2 to Dubai.

That’s one other good deal.

Proper on a Button

 Jenson Button is still lapping it adult during a Hungaroring
Jenson Button stays to be lapping it adult on a Hungaroring

Six competition tracks, 6 front-wheel expostulate path information for a Honda Civic Kind R – the final of that was set by Jenson Button during a Hungaroring.

He stated: “It’s a mega small bit of package.”

Usher is about honest for rally

 The vehicle looks awesome, Usher...let's wish it doesn't go pop
The vehicle seems superior, Usher…let’s wish it would not go pop

Truthful play to Usher. He comparison this 170mph BAC Mono to start out a London-Tokyo Gumball 3000 rally.

It’s successfully a single-seater racing vehicle with numberplates.

Let’s wish a meridian holds.

Voom for nonetheless one more, Thierry?

Renault has re-signed Thierry Henry, 16 years after starring in a initial “Va Va Voom” Clio ads.

Henry will opening a French agency’s sponsorship of Premier League soccer on Sky Sports activities – commencement with Man United v Leicester tomorrow night time.

He stated: “It feels good to reignite my relationship with Renault.”

 Now...Henry is behind in a pushing chair with Renault
Now…Henry is again within a pushing chair with Renault
 And then...the mythological Arsenal striker started a Va Va Voom cry in 2002
After which…the mythological Arsenal striker began a Va Va Voom cry in 2002

Sensible concept

An inflatable roof rack. Fifty quid during Halfords.

 we dont know about we though I'm feeling pumped about a inflatable HandiRack
we dont learn about we however we am feeling pumped concerning a inflatable HandiRack

After all a intelligent folks during HandiRack wish to suspect we’d use it for kayaks and canoes and tenting rigging and so forth.

No sir. Tip runs.

Information briefly

  • We compensate as many as 14 per cent of a salary on vehicle word coverage, says confused.com. Premier League footballers? Er, simply 0.2 per cent.
  • Truth. Park all of a automobiles purchased final 12 months end-to-end (that’s 10.6million, new and used) they usually’d widen around a world.
  • Olympic God Daley Thompson is internet hosting a giveaway pop-up aptness core with Bridgestone on London’s Southbank, Aug 14, 12pm-6pm. Register during nomatterwhat.uk.com.
    He’s a good crony and favourite however I’ll be too busy…

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Black VW Golf with leather-based seats, sunroof and satnav is a vehicle girls unequivocally need — however 94 per cent don’t faith sellers

FOR anybody in a relationship, this can come as small shock. Ladies solve what vehicles …