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Elizabeth Ruiz

Make-up Artist: Liza Macawili Ramos
IG: @LizaMakeup

Mannequin Title: Elizabeth Ruiz
Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Ethnicity: Cuban
Occupation: Actress
Instagram: @ElizabethRuizXO

Once we initial met Miami local Liz Ruiz, she was only 20-years prior and a stream transplant to Los Angeles. Now some could query because she’d skip her hometown of Miami, however this lady had skeleton of chasing her desires and progressing or after branch into an actress.

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With no connectors and small cash, it was of no comparability when it got here to her aspiration and drive. She powered by approach of a obstacles and with an contentment of coronary heart, and study from her many failures, she is now staying her desires and removing paid for precisely what she hoped for. From being suggested in magazines, to being featured in commercials and comedy skits, her stability has paid off and we’re blissful she done a send not only to Los Angeles, though in further on her desires.

How have issues change from once we initial met?

From afterwards to now, I’m distant some-more structured afterwards we ever was progressing than. Let’s simply contend that we didn’t know how we used to be going to do it, we simply knew we used to be going to do it.

What done we swell to LA?

I knew that what we had in Miami wasn’t all a pieces we wished. we wanted additional and felt that we indispensable to take dangers with a purpose to get it. It was a heavy fortitude as a outcome of we had no domicile or pals in LA however we knew in my conduct that it was a cause to do.

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What have been a highs and lows in posterior your dream?

It was really heavy to get my life collectively with out loosing my soul. The low turn was public those that simply counsel me as every of beef or branch into my pals to simply try to redeem from on me or have retort with me. My highs have been saying a swell that I’ve made. I’ve been suggested in magazines, and have additionally been featured in movies, and commercials.

Would we might have achieved something otherwise?

Completely not. If we indispensable to do it nonetheless again I’d have taken a matching track as a outcome of we satisfied from all of my errors, and cruise me we done utterly a lot of them. we wished to do that so dangerous that typically I’d do issues that have been out of impression or remove my feelings. To be trustworthy, folks perceived over on me as a outcome of they’d foster me a dream however now I’m additional stubborn and we cannot let that start once more.

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What recommendation would we give a younger lady that desires to skip all a pieces behind to follow a dream such as we did?

I’d surprise her to go for it however initial we need to be mentally and financially ready. Don’t simply chuck your self to a wolves like we did. You wish financial reserve within a arise issues don’t go a best approach we deliberate. You don’t wish 1,000,000 {dollars}, however we positively wish one thing to tumble again on. Lengthy story brief we need to reason centered and keep mentally stout reckoning out that a hurdles we face are non permanent.

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