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Rosiie Vip – Mannequin Interview

Make-up Artist: Self
Hair Stylist: Self
Wardrobe: LilaNikole.com

I bear in mind a primary day of a Miami LOWRIDER Tremendous Present, and we bear in mind it vividly. we used to be strolling as most as a VIP to get a two-piece and that’s once we laid my eyes on Rosiie strolling turn in a one-piece. It was competition over.

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No matter tired we had in my physique was altered with adrenaline and we did what any male in my place would do – we snapped some flicks. So after somewhat tiny pronounce we dismissed off a series of cinema and went about my enterprise. A day later, we used to be advantageous sufficient to run into her once some-more on a bound and we concluded to perform a small sketch shoot.

On a time Rosiie had somewhat next 2,000 IG supporters however correct after a benefaction her following blew adult and he or she is during a impulse during over 15Ok followers-and by a indicate we learn this she’ll in all luck have extra. Evidently, attending a LOWRIDER Tremendous Present put her displaying contention within a discerning line and now she owes me that two-piece dinner.

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LRM: How did we find yourself a Miami present?

Rosiie: we used to be invited by Lila Nikole to go to a benefaction and competition her swimwear.

LRM: Are we singular or taken, and what arrange of guys do we go for?

Rosiie: I’m during a impulse singular as a outcome of I’m specializing in my contention correct now. I’m meddlesome in guys with attractiveness, clever, overwhelming smile, and with good manners. we additionally wish them to be good dancers as a outcome of we unequivocally like to crack Salsa and discerning Merengue.

LRM: Describe your glorious date.

Rosiie: He contingency take me out to a well-bred grill to go eat. If a whole lot had been going good, afterwards he contingency take me out dancing. If not we each go a personal method.

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LRM: What do we adore to do in your gangling time?

Rosiie: we unequivocally like spending time with my household, going procuring, and going to a health club. Additionally not too prolonged ago I’ve indeed desired going to eat sushi.

LRM: What are your displaying objectives?

Rosiie: we wish to say doing business and imitation like I’m doing now however on a most bigger scale. To have a ability to tour internationally for my displaying however what we would adore is to be a contributor or host. we wouldn’t thoughts stating a meridian or something like that. The dream pursuit could be an convenience reporter, to be interviewing celebrities as they go down a runway. we unequivocally like being on TV and we unequivocally feel I’m really amicable a place it could come naturally to me.

We wish Rosiie a lot success together with her displaying contention and wish to see her on internet hosting a runway benefaction one.

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Mannequin Title: Rosiie Vip
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Guatemalan and Mexican
Occupation: Pediatric Associates
Peak: 5’7″
Measurements: 34B/26/38
Instagram: @RosiieVIP
Twitter: @RosiieVIP
Fb: Fb.com/pinkroxxi
Snap Chat: @RosiieVIP

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