Ashley Judd calls DA review of Weinstein ‘a good thing’

Lock him up!

Ashley Judd isn’t angry with Harvey Weinstein, but she is “relieved” to know the district profession is operative to bring sexual attack charges against the ashamed film mogul.

“Yes,” she told a source who chatted with her at a Plaza hotel event. “It’s a good thing.”

Judd also doubled-down on her new acknowledgment to “Good Morning America”  that she’d forgiven Weinstein for sexually badgering her in a hotel room in 1997. But she told the insider that isn’t for his sake.“I pardon him, but it’s not a favor,” she told the insider. “I do it for myself. It doesn’t meant we acquit or accept his behavior.”

Harvey Weinstein doesn’t trust complaint is approaching

Ashley Judd speaking out against Harvey Weinstein kicked off a call of accusations against Hollywood pervs.

Ashley Judd speaking out against Harvey Weinstein kicked off a call of accusations against Hollywood pervs.

(Matt Sayles/AP)

Our insider was blown divided by Judd’s honesty and thinks Weinstein is in big difficulty if he goes to hearing over the dozens of passionate attack claims that have been done against him. It was Judd who desirous some-more than 50 other women to pronounce out against Weinstein after she plainly done her accusations in the New York Times last month.

“She seems imminently likable, very arguable — she’d be frightening on the declare stand,” we’re told.

Our insider pronounced held up with the “Insurgent” thespian before she spoke at the Audrey B. Gruss Hope for Depression luncheon where she was being honored. We’re told that Judd’s phone was buzzing before the debate and it incited out to be her mom, thespian Wynonna, wishing her fitness on her voice mail. And she indispensable it for the debate she was about to deliver, in which Judd spoke of two times in her life when she was sexually assaulted — once in second class and again in youth high. Her correlation is foggy.

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“I was wearing a immature and bullion cheerleading uniform, which is all we know. Which means we was in the 7th class or 8th grade,” she recalled. “My mom available it and the police followed up when he changed recently.”

Harvey Weinstein accused of passionate nuisance by Ashley Judd

Judd, 49, pronounced she got a heads-up from the police to tell her that the delinquent had changed to a opposite county.


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