Bobby Moynihan voices ‘little schemer’ Louie in ‘DuckTales’

This kids show is done for quacking up.

So it’s a good thing Disney hired two “Saturday Night Live” stars to voice a span of characters for its reboot of “DuckTales,” premiering Saturday.

Louie’s “a little schemer, he's just a scammer, the DuckTales character’s voice, Bobby Moynihan, says.

Louie’s “a little schemer, he’s just a scammer,” the “DuckTales” character’s voice, Bobby Moynihan, says.

(Disney XD/Disney XD)

A follow-up to the cartoon that ran from 1987 – 1990, “DuckTales” continues the adventures of Donald Duck, his triplet nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie and their rich spelunking great-uncle, Scrooge McDuck.

“SNL” alum Bobby Moynihan provides the voice for money-centric Louie, the youngest of the 3 brothers.

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“He (Louie) just wants Scrooge’s money,” Moynihan tells the Daily News. “He’s a little schemer. He’s just a scammer and mostly says he’s not partial of the family but he apparently stairs up when he has to.”

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Beck Bennett is the voice of Launchpad McQuack in the new “DuckTales” reboot. 

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Moynihan, 40, adds that the demeanour of the reboot was heavily shabby by the Disney steep comics combined by the late cartoonist Carl Barks dating back to the 1930s.

“They modeled all the art after all the old comic strips,” the actor/comedian says. “It’s just a talent way of doing it and it honors the source element and doesn’t solicit to children. It’s for kids but they know adults are examination too.”

Both Moynihan and “SNL” expel member Beck Bennett — who voices Launchpad McQuack, the haphazard, accident-prone chauffeur for Scrooge McDuck — were fans of the strange “DuckTales” cartoon and jumped at the possibility to be a partial of the reboot.

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Launchpad McQuack is a rambling commander at best.

(Disney XD/Disney XD)

“The show has those same themes of family and loyalty as the classical and it’s just so humorous and exciting,” Bennett, 32, tells the News.

“Launchpad is a fatal force of destruction,” he adds. “He creates adventures by crashing into things and he saves the day by crashing too.”

“DuckTales” premiered on midnight Saturday with an hour-long TV film that will repeat for 24 hours. The series picks up again on Sept. 23 with two new episodes.

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