Carla Bruni again denies event with President Trump

Almost 25 years after the rumors began, Carla Bruni is still being forced to repudiate conjecture of an event with President Trump.

The supermodel and former First Lady of France was accused of being the means of the then-real estate mogul’s separate from second wife Marla Maples in 1991 and the allegations widespread via his divorce.

Bruni denied the reports at the time, revelation the Daily Mail that Trump was “obviously a lunatic” and that she’d only met him once before.

A entertain of a century later, she’s still being asked about the allegations.

Trump ‘publicist’ John Miller sounds like The Donald in 1991 chat

“Actually, the whole conditions was very deceptive and just did not exist,” Bruni, 49, told the Daily Beast while compelling her new album.

“So we was very astounded when he went to the press.”

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The purported affair, which was reliable by Trump’s “spokesperson,” was rumored to be the means of his separate from wife Marla Maples.


Trump himself never went to the press — at least, not by name.

Instead, a publicist named John Miller called People repository to endorse the sum about the purported affair. Except that publicist sounded accurately like the future President.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples’ soap-style lovers’ tale

The recording, which flush last May, fuels long-standing conjecture that Trump played his own orator in the ’90s to make calls to tabloids and report magazines.

Linda Stasi, a report columnist for the Daily News, pronounced last year that the genuine estate noble would also leave messages as an “anonymous” tipster.

Maples also reliable that her ex-husband was the one on the line to People.

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