Ciara Gets Slammed After Telling Single Women To ‘Level Up’

Ciara was the summary of the goals until she ticked off several of her social media followers.

On Saturday, the thespian took to Instagram to share a clip of a oration from pastor, John Gray. During Gray’s oration he speaks to women about what they can do find a husband.

Since she posted the posted the video it has perceived over 1 million views and has been favourite over 150,000 times.

“#Level Up. Don’t Settle,” Ciara captioned the video.

However with Ciara only posting the video towards women, some of her supporters felt that she was blaming women for being singular instead of holding into comment that the dating isn’t always so easy.

Some of her supporters were astounded that she posted the video, generally after she went by a severe mangle up with Future.

“Didn’t you need grace, forgiveness and care when you were being dragged up and down the internet for the Future situation,’ a chatter user tweeted.

Fans of the two remember that they motionless to call it quits in Dec 2014, 7 months after Ciara gave birth to their son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

The ex’s also went by a nasty control battle that didn’t get staid until Jan 2017. The two eventually came to an agreement and were postulated corner control of their son.

In Apr 2015, Ciara began dating Seattle Seahawks player, Russell Wilson. Fans of the “Body Party” thespian immediately beheld that the two seemed very much in love. The speculations were accurate as the couple motionless to the tie the tangle in Jul 2016.

Due to several Instagram posts, the dancer’s supporters were so happy to see her truly happy with someone, which is because some felt it was oppressive for Ciara to tell them to “level up.”

Ciara Says Sorry

While some of her supporters weren’t too happy with the video and her caption, some supporters shielded her.

“Y’all wanted to know how Ciara snatched Russell Wilson, and she told y’all but now y’all insane LMAO,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user also settled that singular women should not take offense to Ciara’s post as she is just charity recommendation to inspire women to do better.

On Sunday, Ciara took to Instagram again to explain her publicity of the video with a summary about self-satisfaction and self-respect. 

Since social media was in disorder after Ciara posted the video, she motionless to send out an reparation to those that she competence have offended.

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