From Kevin Hart To Harvey Weinstein: Here Are The Biggest Hollywood Scandals Of 2017

2017 has been one for the books. This year, scandals have been at an all-time high.

From coercion plots to sexual nuisance allegations, Enstarz is looking back at 5 many intolerable scandals this year.

Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Effect

Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, and Harvey Weinstein at the after party for

Probably, the many intolerable liaison in the story of party was the distinguished film noble and producer, Harvey Weinstein, being accused of sexually assaulting and badgering over 80 women. Actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Paz De La Huerta, Rose McGowan, and Ashley Judd have all recounted that Weinstein possibly assaulted, harassed, or raped them.

Weinstein has confirmed his ignorance even yet he could be confronting some jail time. Because of Weinstein being outed, it combined the “Weinstein Effect” that led to some-more men in Hollywood being accused of passionate misconduct. Some of the men that were influenced by the liaison embody Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Matt Lauer, and Charlie Rose.

‘Let Me Explain’ Says Kevin Hart 

Kevin Hart at the 2016 CimenaCon on Apr 13, 2016.

Kevin Hart started off 2017 flattering well. The actor and his wife announced that they were awaiting their first child together and Hart was named one of the top paid celebrities.

Unfortunately, Hart was faced with a liaison of his own. Photos of the actor with an different lady flush around the internet. The pictures showed Hart with the lady in a automobile and also at a club.

A video also flush of Hart with the same lady in a bed. Hart, at first denied the allegations. However, he after came purify and apologized to his wife and family around Instagram.

Hart explained that he was being blackmailed and rather than give in to the demands of the person trying to extract income from him, the actor motionless to come clean. Although it looked as if Hart would be streamer for a divorce, the actor and wife changed brazen and welcomed their son Kenzo, in November.

R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped’ Victims

R. Kelly behaving at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 21, 2012.

R. Kelly once again done headlines when he got concerned in a shameful conditions with an underage girl. The thespian was accused of having a “sex cult” and was holding immature girls hostage.

In an essay combined by Buzzfeed, the thespian was allegedly not feeding the girls who stayed there and also forced them to perform horrible passionate acts on him. The allegations first came from the girl’s relatives and then from several women who claimed to have lived with the singer. Kelly has denied all allegations against and no charges have been made. 

Kathy Griffin: D-List Celebrity 

Kathy Griffin at the CNN Heroes 2015 on Nov. 17, 2015.

The raunchy comedian done headlines after she did a photo fire of herself holding the severed conduct of Donald Trump. The conduct was a column but it was feeble perceived and the singer faced oppressive critique from former colleagues and the President himself.

Griffin claims that given the photo shoot, she has been blacklisted in Hollywood and couldn’t find work since no one would sinecure her. 

Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood

Corey Feldman at the screening of 'Art Breakers' on Oct. 1, 2015

Actor Corey Feldman has been outspoken about the abuse he suffered as a child. The actor claimed countless times that he and friend, the late Corey Haim, were victims of a Hollywood pedophilia ring during the late 80’s.

For decades, it didn’t seem like anyone believed the actor until the Weinstein liaison came out. Feldman has combined the Truth Campaign, a documentary he plans on producing. It will go into some-more sum about the abuse he suffered and the men who were responsible for such acts. Feldman has already named two of the men he claims sexually abused him. 

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