Harvey Weinstein May Not Prosecuted In The Paz De La Huerta Case

Harvey Weinstein is obliged for ‘The Weinstein Effect’ that is holding over headlines and Hollywood. Since September, a call of accusations against some of Hollywood’s chosen men implicating them as passionate predators with their actions being widespread opposite the internet for everybody to see.

Weinstein’s accusations are substantially the many horrendous. If the allegations are true, Weinstein has used his energy to manipulate and debase women for decades and is now profitable the cost for it.

Weinstein is now being investigated for allegedly raping singer Paz De La Huerta on two apart occasions. De La Heurta claims that Weinstein raped her in 2010, once after showing up at her unit and then another time after showing at her hotel run and following her to her home. De La Huerta came brazen with her allegations to the New York City Police. 

While it looked like Weinstein could be confronting some critical jail time, new reports advise that competence not be case after all.

The Weinstein Effect

Because the case against the Hollywood noble is some-more than 7 years, this may be cryptic for the prosecutors looking to bring Weinstein to justice. Also, the singer was in hit with Weinstein in between the times of the two purported attacks.

Huerta’s therapist also wrote a report to authorities that doesn’t concur with what the Boardwalk Empire star claims happened.

“I remember you stating to me a passionate confront with Harvey Weinstein involving retort in your unit in 2010 that resulted in you feeling victimized. we remember you revelation me that it felt coercive to you and that you didn’t wish to have sex with him, but felt that you had to as he was a man of energy and arrange and you couldn’t contend no to his passionate advances,” her therapist wrote. 

Paz De La Huerta

Weinstein has denied De La Huerta’s allegations. 

Other actresses who have claimed that Weinstein raped or assaulted them include: Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, and Heather Graham. 

Even nonetheless Weinstein may not arrested for this case, he’s not totally out of the dim yet. The producer’s wife left him amid allegations and Weinstein is still being questioning by the LAPD and London police. 

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