Is Frank Ocean Coming Out With A New Album?

Frank Ocean may shortly be releasing a new album. The RB thespian recently posted a mysterious matter on his Tumblr comment and his fans trust that this was his way of confirming his latest project.

Frank Ocean Hints New Album

The “Thinkin Bout You” thespian just incited 30 last month and his new post could indeed advise that he’s about to recover a new album.

“I done an manuscript before 30. we just ain’t put that [expletive] out — quotes from an talk we haven’t given,” wrote Ocean.

However, this is not the first time that the “Swim Good” thespian teased his fans with his new music. In 2012, he tweeted that he will be releasing 5 albums before he turns 30 but the twitter was then deleted. So far, he has only expelled three.

The “Super Rich Kids” thespian also penned an letter where he hinted at what could be in store for him this year and in 2018.

“If you favourite two thousand and seventeen then you’ll adore two thousand and eighteen,” wrote Ocean.

Apparently, Ocean is famous for releasing his albums at his own pace. After his 2012 debut, Channel Orange, the thespian done his fans wait for 4 prolonged years before releasing two full-length albums, Endless and Blonde, back to back in Aug 2016.

Frank Ocean’s Music Collaborators

This year, Ocean also denounced his new music, namely, “Chanel,” “Biking,” “Provider,” and “Lens.” He also collaborated with Calvin Harris in the Scottish record producer’s track, “Slide.”

The thespian has also worked with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Amber Coffman, Outkast’s Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, James Blake, and some-more for his Blonde album.

‘Endless’ Album Cyber Monday Sale

Meanwhile, before the recover of his rarely expected new album, Ocean first reached out to his fans on Monday, Nov. 27, around the renouned Cyber Monday sale. The thespian sole earthy copies of Endless online. Ocean’s Endless vinyl costs $35, and those who purchased it will accept it within 6 to eight weeks.

A CD and DVD gold for Ocean’s warn manuscript from last year is also accessible online at $25. Double-sided posters and Endless VHS copies are also accessible at $30 and $17.99, respectively.

Last year, he launched a one-day Black Friday sale of his Blonde vinyl. On Black Friday last week, he also sole a hoodie. It is misleading either or not the deduction from Ocean’s sales will be used for an critical cause.

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