Kylie Jenner Can’t Shake The Idea Of Travis Scott Cheating

Kylie Jenner is pronounced to be vital in a state of paranoia as she awaits the arriving birth of her first child.

According to a new report, Jenner is seriously endangered about her attribute with Travis Scott, who she began dating just weeks before conceiving his child, and his intensity to lie on her.

“Kylie worries about Travis intrigue on her,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life on Jan. 12. “He’s on debate and doing these shows where girls are throwing themselves at him, while she’s at home profound and stressing over it.”

Adding to Jenner’s reported concerns is the fact that Scott’s close friend, rapper Offset, is rumored to have cheated on his stream fiance, Cardi B, and gotten another lady profound behind her back.

“This intrigue thing with Offset and Cardi has got her some-more worried than ever,” the insider explained. “That’s one of her man’s good friends, and demeanour what he’s doing. Kylie worries that if Offset is being unfaithful…it could meant that Travis, is too.”

Jenner has been spending the past several months in hiding, allegedly due to fat-shaming fears. Meanwhile, her rapper boyfriend continues to debate the country and has only been seen with Jenner a handful of times given her pregnancy was first reported.

While Jenner and Scott have faced copiousness of dissection rumors in new months, they’ve also faced claims of a probable engagement — generally after Jenner was seen sporting a questionable ring while posing alongside Scott at her family’s annual Christmas party in Calabasas, California.

Prior to her attribute with Scott, Jenner was concerned in a years-long intrigue with Tyga, who she was first related to at just 16 years old. Although Jenner and Tyga faced intrigue rumors for years, they didn’t go open with their intrigue until around the time of her 18th birthday. Then, after confronting over a year of intrigue allegations against Tyga, Jenner called it quits with the rapper in early 2017.

Shortly thereafter, Jenner’s intrigue with Scott began.

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