Nelly’s Alleged Rape Case Evidence Has Been Revealed

In Oct 2017, Nelly was arrested for allegedly raping a lady in Seattle, Washington after his opening at a nightclub. The purported victim, Monique Greene, reportedly motionless to sue the rapper for the occurrence in Dec 2017.

Greene was an employee at the nightclub and was invited to Nelly’s debate train after his performance

As formerly reported, Greene claims that Nelly began to masturbate while they were in his bedroom and followed by having non-consensual sex with her, vaginally and anally.

While, the two private the occurrence differently, justification indicating out what actually occurred between the two has surfaced. Photos of both Nelly’s and Greene’s wardrobe have been expelled as good as a video.

TMZ has also expelled a notice video that shows Nelly and Greene leaving the Seattle nightclub. The video shows the two getting on his debate train and also the moment when she leaves the train and calls police to report the incident.

At the time of the incident, Nelly told police that their sex was consensual and that Greene private her clothing. The rapper also settled that he used a condom, but did not ejaculate. Nelly also settled that Greene was upset, since she suspicion Nelly was concerned with one of his dancers, who was also on the train at the time.

Although, Nelly settled the two concluded to have sex, Greene denied and explained that Nelly forcefully private her pants and threw her onto the bed.

Greene claims the influential sex lasted for a half an hour and she believes he ejaculated inside of her.

Greene also explained that after the part Nelly offering her $2,500 to stay on the train until their next destination. She declined the offer and told him that she’s not a prostitute. Shortly after, she settled that she was pushed off the train and the rapper threw $100 check at her.

Will Nelly Be Charged?

On Dec. 14, 2017, it was reported that the case against the recording artist was forsaken due to the accuser’s rejection to testify.

According to Greene’s attorney, Karen Koehler, Greene did not wish to testify, since she suspicion no one would trust her.

However, Greene has pronounced that Nelly has accused her of wanting celebrity and money.

Shortly after his release, the Grillz rapper, took to Twitter to explain his innocence. Nelly voiced that he is not guilty of Greene’s accusations and knew the complement would not destroy him.

Although, an central video has been expelled it has not been reliable if Nelly will have to do some time for the “crime.”

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