Tamar Braxton Follows Alleged Secret Boyfriend On Instagram

Tamar Braxton has only been back on Instagram for a few brief weeks. One of her first moves was to follow the man who is pronounced to be her secret boyfriend.

Tamar Braxton Makes A Major Instagram Move

The thespian deleted her Instagram page after her personal life done headlines in a major way around the holidays. She accused her husband, manager Vincent Herbert, of having a adore child with another woman. In the past she also dissed him on Instagram for having “several girlfriends” after she filed for divorce.

Still, formed on rumors and probable confirmations from blogs like Fameolous, it’s been pronounced that Braxton has had a secret adore life of her own for utterly a while. She is reportedly dating a man named Rikk. Not much else is famous about him solely the idea that he was seen at many of Braxton’s shows when she was on debate with Xscape.

Was She Hiding In Plain Sight?

Braxton was even accused of making a feign Instagram page called @thedoggiepics. In the bio, the page speedy and urged users to tab it to photos of their dogs. Interestingly enough, there weren’t any pictures of lovable dogs on the page. Instead, there were photos of Braxton’s purported boyfriend, Rikk. It was pronounced that this page was a secret way for Braxton to correlate with him on social media. The page finished up being deleted just days after it was reported that Braxton was the genuine face behind it.

Braxton filed for divorce from Herbert back in October. He has given denied having a child with another woman, who was reportedly reality star Laura Govan.

Exes Try To End Their Drama

Braxton and Herbert were seen together after all of the play over the holidays, which enclosed their son Logan getting taken into custody. Still, Braxton confirmed that they didn’t rekindle their romance.

“NOPE! Sorry! Not together but given the idiocy the other day, we DID determine to create a better sourroundings for my son!! Angry or not…it’s about my SON!!” wrote Braxton. “P.s. we ALSO concluded not to pronounce on this anymore in open after this! My son can review and he’s NOT reticent #2018goals #praymystrengthinthelord I’ve done LOTS of mistakes and I’m just trying to be a better person.”

Braxton went on to undo the post and her own Instagram page shortly after promulgation the message. Still, now she’s back on social media and following the man who is pronounced to be her boyfriend.

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