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Charles Manson’s Son Claims Each Inheritors Left Combating For His Property Are Liars

Matthew Robert Lentz, one of many males who only newly unnoticed a courtroom conflict to uncover he’s a legitimate heir to Charles Manson’s property, settled others are still perplexing to distinction from a death of a Helter Skelter torpedo with “bogus” papers and claims.

In an singular talk with RadarOnline.com, Lentz settled Michael Channels— Manson’s longtime jail coop pal— is still selling around a feign will with a signature that is not Manson’s. Lentz additionally claims Manson’s grandson, MMA warrior Jason Freeman, is out to only income from a property, and has attempted to foster Manson’s stays.

A courtroom dominated Freeman ought to get a stays and Manson was cremated only a few weeks after his detriment of life.

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“They need to acquire income off of him … that’s their motivation,” Lentz settled to Radar. “(Channels) would foster eyeglasses that Charlie wore and opposite issues. He’s been formulating resources off that crap for years. When Jason gained a precise’s to Charlie’s stays, (Channels) simply attempted to harm me. He knew a place he wanted to go to make that cash. we simply indispensable to communicate this to a fever of day. How is any of this proper?”

Lentz, who seemed a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday, Jul 13, settled since he unnoticed a conflict to uncover he’s Manson’s inheritor, he nonetheless skeleton to film a documentary about his attribute with Manson. Lentz claims Manson’s longtime good friend, Benjamin J. Gureki, had a reproduction of a will that listed him as Manson’s only baby. The will even listed Gureki since a executor Manson’s property.

Lentz additionally suggested to Radar about conversations he’s had with Manson and their minute association by a years. In a form of conversations, Manson suggested he was not a “felony mastermind” of a Tate-LaBianca murders, and settled he was not in Los Angeles on a time of a murders.

“He wasn’t an angel, however he was not a mass assassin,” Lentz stated, who maintains it was Charles Denton “Tex” Watson and others in Manson’s cult who dedicated a murders of Sharon Tate and 4 others in 1969.

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Lentz settled Gureki had suggested him Manson’s skill might be value $1 to $ 3 million, however combined he wasn’t attempting to income in on Manson’s property.

“As fast as Jason (Freeman) bought Charlie’s physique, Gureki stopped portion to me,” Lentz stated. “And right this moment, we didn’t even get an event to radically disagree or plead to a choose. Truthfully, we don’t know a custom and I’m not a lawyer. we had no judgment what to anticipate. Finally, we don’t care. we simply need a rights to a song that Charlie wrote to me. If we might contend that, that’s what we indispensable to ask … however we didn’t even get an opportunity.”

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Lentz, who was adopted and wouldn’t exhibit a marker of his organic mom, settled he has a one explanation that he wants. One other lady, who settled she is Manson’s daughter, matched as his relations with a DNA check, Lentz stated.

“Naysayers can contend and do what they need,” Lentz stated. “I devise to surprise my story and Charlie’s story someday with a documentary and … exhibit all of a lies that can be on a market.”

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