Chester Bennington’s daughter asks mom distressing question

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s daughter says her daddy will perpetually be furloughed in her heart.

Talinda, Chester’s widow, shared a distressing twitter on Saturday quoting the couple’s 6-year-old daughter weeks after her father committed suicide.

“Lily asked me this morning… ‘IS DADDY ON TOUR IN OUR HEARTS?’….” Talinda wrote.

“Yes, my honeyed baby he is.”

Chester Bennington’s widow breaks overpower on singer’s self-murder

Lily, 6, is a twin to Chester and Talinda’s other daughter, Lila. The couple also shared son Tyler, 11. Chester left behind 3 other children from before relationships.

The rocker took his own life on Jul 20 — on what would have been his dear crony Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

Cornell committed self-murder months prior, in May 2017.

Not Released (NR)

One week after Chester’s death, Talinda shared a matter job her a life a “sick Shakespearean tragedy.”

Chester Bennington hanged himself with a belt

“How do we pierce on? How do we collect up my cracked soul? The only answer we know is to lift the babies with every unit of adore we have left,” she said.

“My babies are so immature to have lost their daddy. And we know that all of you will help keep his memory alive.”

It seems fans have abided by her wish. On Friday, she shared on Twitter that someone had paid her lunch check since they were such outrageous fans of her late husband.

“Thank you to the poser person who just bought my lunch,” she wrote. “I went to compensate was told someone who desired my husband got my bill. #kindness.”

Linkin Park thespian Chester Bennington passed at 41

Chester and Talinda were married for 12 years. She was his second wife.

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