DeMario Jackson Reveals His Valentine’s Day Date Is Corinne Olympios

Valentine’s Day in Paradise? DeMario Jackson suggested he is spending the holiday with former Bachelor in Paradise costar Corinne Olympios after last season’s passionate bungle scandal. 

“You know what’s funny? We actually are going out for Valentine’s Day – as friends, as friends,” Jackson told associate Bachelor Nation member, Eric Bigger, on the Wednesday, Feb 14, part of his podcast Bigger Talks With Eric Bigger. “I can’t wait for tonight, just for the fact that — you know, we’re homies.“

“We’re really good friends, and you know, we just enjoy any other’s company and we like to take things slow. we feel like the last couple of months, it’s been a lot of vigour for us to be something or this or that,” Jackson continued. “But at the finish of the day, you know, it’s her and I. We hang out. We have fun, and you know, that’s it. And a year from now, you never know, but for right now, you know, we’re particularly friends … we told her, like after the Jay-Z concert — you know, we was a little dipsomaniac — and we fundamentally told her, you know, we was like, ‘Look, like I’m into you, you’re into me, but we don’t wish to half-ass do anything.’”

As formerly reported, ABC tighten down the prolongation of Bachelor in Paradise in Jun 2017 after a writer filed a report of purported passionate bungle on the set. It was after suggested that the censure was about a hookup that happened between Jackson and Olympios. During a two-week prolongation shutdown, Warner Brothers investigated the report and found no justification of misconduct. The Bachelor spinoff resumed filming, but Jackson and Olympios did not return to Mexico.

The span done headlines after the liaison when they posed for PDA-filled photos the following Aug and September. The intrigue rumors continued as they arrived at an L.A. Halloween party together. However, both Jackson and Olympios have always insisted that they are just friends.

“We’re intensely close. We talk, like, every day. We hang out. We do things that friends do,” Jackson exclusively told Us Weekly in October, adding that Olympios is “the many dump passed beautiful girl in the world.”

Olympics echoed Jackson’s statements at the time: “We’re really good friends and just hang out a lot and I’m super happy to be here with him tonight. It’s really good that we could just be friends and have no worries about any play or anything like that.”

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