Harry Potter brings his sorcery to the stage

Of all the shows coming to Broadway, the many talked about this new deteriorate bears the many famous name in wizardry. Mark Phillips in London picks up the tale: 

When we last saw Harry Potter, it was at the finish of the final book and film — “Deathly Hallows” — when the child wizard, now a father, was promulgation his own son, Albus, off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — a outing that always began on the enchanting height 9¾.

Seven books, eight cinema and about a billion dollars to the good after for its creator, J.K. Rowling, that was supposed to be the finish of it.

“I genuinely, we didn’t wish Harry to go onstage,” Rowling said. “I felt that we was done.”

So what happened? “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” happened … a melodramatic partnership with executive John Tiffany and playwright Jack Thorne.

It’s been the museum eventuality of the year in London. It won a record 9 Olivier Awards (Britain’s chronicle of the Tonys). And it’s about to go to Broadway. Tickets for the New York production, which opens next year, go on sale next month.

  • Extended transcript: Interview with J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne on formulating “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

So, Phillips asked, “What is it about the awaiting of earning millions of pounds from bringing Harry Potter to the entertainment that many appealed to you?”

“Well, I’d pronounced no to everybody for 10 years,” she replied. “Because to answer your doubt equally directly, we all know we don’t need the money. Life is too short.”

It was the awaiting of operative with Tiffany and Thorne, Rowling says, that finally assured her.

That, and the enticement to tell the story of of Harry’s son, Albus, and the weight he carries as the child of a famous parent.  The rest, we arrange of can’t tell you. 

The rest, we arrange of can’t tell you. Part of the schtick of the Harry Potter prolongation is that anybody who’s seen it is asked not to exhibit the tract and spoil it for those who haven’t. 

So there.


A entertainment from the London prolongation of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

The first entertainment of the play is the last section of “Deathly Hallows,” explains John Tiffany: “Albus, it’s kind of suggested very beautifully, isn’t gonna have as easy a time. So, it’s all there for the kind of taking.”

And they do take their time holding it. The play is actually two plays — 5 hours of theater, separate into two parts. 

The assembly hasn’t complained. The play (both parts) is the hottest sheet in town, and selling seats for a year from now. 

Phillips asked Rowling, “Is it probable to give Potter fans too much? Or, they suck up anything that you lay on to them for — since stop at two performances? Could have left on for a week, we suppose.”

“Just because, she spoke like a mother, people wish a lot doesn’t meant they should have all that they want,” Rowling replied. “We’ll just give them what’s good for them!”

And the sorcery that special effects could bring to the cinema has not been lost on the stage.

“John’s line all the way by it was, you know, ‘The films have special effects. We have the common imagination of the audience. So if we can create something that takes them on this journey, they will go with us,'” pronounced Jack Thorne.


In this web exclusive, executive John Tiffany (left); author J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter; and playwright Jack Thorne speak about building the award-winning delay of the wizard’s family story.

Rowling’s assembly has always left along with her, from the days when they would line up at bookstores on announcement day. But it hasn’t always been wholly happy with her.

There have been times, she admits, when she felt her assembly insurgent against her. “Oh God, yeah. Come on, this is the age of social media. You consider we don’t get told in no capricious terms that I’ve finished the thing they didn’t wish to occur to a character, or since on Earth am we holding it into theatre? One is never deceived about the fact that some people aren’t happy. That’s the way it goes.”

So, does Rowling caring what the open says? “As a author or any kind of artistic person, you actually do have to hold parsimonious to your vision,” she said. “I have no seductiveness whatsoever in doing certain things that we know would be very renouned with the fandom.”

Phillips interjected, “Can we ask what … “

“I’m not even gonna go there,” she said.

“What are they asking for? Come on.”

“I’m not going there. I’m not going there. No. I’m not observant that. Because my Twitter feed will be a place of ruin for 3 months if we contend it, so I’m not gonna contend it.”

“Sunday Morning” first met Jo Rowling in pre-Twitter 1999, when the whole Harry Potter thing was just holding off.  She was then a singular mother, scraping a vital as a surrogate teacher, who had an suspicion one day while roving a train.

“And we remarkable thought, ‘wizard school’, and we got so vehement about the idea, we really did,” she explained. “But we didn’t have a operative pen on me, so we just had to lay there for 4 hours and think.  And loads of the characters that seem in the book, came to me during that sight journey.”

When she did find a pen, the books spilled out onto paper. By the time Phillips spoke with her, her first 3 books were at the top of bestseller lists on both sides of the Atlantic. 

“I never approaching the book to make me money,” she said. “I was totally picturesque about what essay children’s books involved.  And that involves no income really at all.”

Until, that is, Jo Rowling invented Harry Potter. Each unbroken book set new annals as the fastest-selling of all time. Harry — the books, the cinema — became an industry.

Phillips asked, “Was there a indicate where you realized, ‘My whole life is opposite than we suspicion it was going to be’?”

“Around about the time we met you,” she laughed. “And the two things aren’t connected.”

No?  “So about ’99, it was starting to emergence on me that this wasn’t going to go away. we remember thinking, Whoo, OK, OK, let’s stop, take stock, it’s OK, we can hoop this. And then all went mad.”

And the idiocy kept on going until the finish (or what was ostensible to be the end) of Harry Potter. 

Rolling struck out on a new trail by essay a series of investigator novels under name of Robert Galbraith. They sole OK, until it became famous that Robert Galbraith was Jo Rowling. Then they sole a lot better. 

She explained she’d wanted to send it out as an unsolicited manuscript. “I wanted to get honest feedback.”

Why? “Because I’m not stupid!” she laughed. “I’m entirely wakeful that we could write a really balderdash investigator story and people would substantially say, ‘Well, you know, it’ll substantially sell a few copies ’cause it’s got her name on it,’ and that’s not what we wanted to do. we wanted to really earn it.

“And so we did. we managed to get an offer from someone who didn’t know it was me. They wanted to meet ‘Robert,’ which was fabulous, solely we couldn’t go to the assembly since we clearly wasn’t, I’m not “Robert.’ So, things were getting a little bit difficult when my cover was blown!”

But the play has brought her back to Harry Potter. The child sorceress with the injure on his front that hurts when difficulty is coming, 

But the play has brought her back to Harry Potter, the child sorceress with the injure on his front that hurts when difficulty is coming, heading to one last enchanting question:  “Is this the finish of it?”

“Harry’s story now, I’m done. I’m done,” Rowling said. “I indispensable to be swayed to do 19 years on, and I’m really blissful we was persuaded, since I’m so unapproachable of this play. But no, we’re not going to see Albus’ son go to Hogwarts. Well, not on my watch!” she laughed. “In 100 years time, I’ll come and haunt the person who does it!”

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