Hollywood only wants Latina actresses if they aren’t ‘too’ Latina

An “Orange is the New Black” star pronounced this week she was once told she looked “too Latina” for a role as a Latina — when she is in fact Latina herself.

“We have to be ‘fake Latinas,'” Dascha Polanco, 34, told the website Vivala.

“And here’s the thing about ‘fake Latinas’ — when you demeanour at Latinas who are next in Hollywood, they’re super skinny and you really can’t tell if she’s Latina or not.”

Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba.

Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba.

Polanco claimed she used to wish she had lighter eyes and hair so she could land roles — but eventually embraced her demeanour with confidence, which helped her land the role of Dayanara Diaz on the renouned Netflix series.

Jessica Alba was told she wasn’t white adequate to be heading lady

The singer was innate in the Dominican Republic and changed to the United States as a child.

“Orange is the New Black” kicked off Season 5 on Jun 9.

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