How Blue Planet II has blown the minds

If you’ve been sucked into the universe of Blue Planet II for the last 7 weeks, your Sundays substantially haven’t been the same.

Traditional lounge complacency has been transposed with outrage at a Puffin having its locate stolen after a 60-mile turn trip, or horror after seeing a Bobbit worm.

If you haven’t seen a Bobbit worm nonetheless – hang around.

Here are some of the some-more noted moments from the second series.

The bird-eating fish

You’d be forgiven for comparing bird-eating on a Sunday with gravy and vegetables. These hulk trevally, however, have taken things to a whole new level.

They customarily hunt on their own, but here 50 of them teamed up to take down a group of birds going a bit too close to the water.

Feathers and all.

Beware the Bobbit worm


Second of all, it’s named after a lady who cut off her husband’s penis with a knife.

Lorena Bobbitt carried out the attack in the 1990s. Her then husband, John Wayne Bobbitt, had it surgically reattached and went on to be an adult film star.

You’re looking at it in a opposite way now, aren’t you.

A bombard fit with a disproportion

An octopus using shells to hide

This octopus is some-more intelligent than all of us. Why? Because when a shark wanted to eat it, it HID FROM IT IN PLAIN SIGHT.

While humans would substantially dash about in a insane panic, this eight-legged quadruped stayed ideally still under shells it collected, then just swam off.

The jellyfish you don’t wish to disaster with

You’d consider 30-metre prolonged threads containing severe cells which could kill a human would be adequate to put you off swimming nearby a man o’ fight jellyfish.

Clearly this fish didn’t get the memo.

Being solemnly liquefied by absolute chemicals isn’t a good way to go in anyone’s books.

Turns out whales nap too

If this was a jar of pickles you’d be nipping for a prolonged time.

Giant spider crabs


In one part a Puffin left its partner and chicky and flew a 60-mile turn outing to bring back cooking for the family.

National outrage followed when it incited out many were collect pocketed by larger, faster birds as they neared home.

What next?

Don’t worry, you won’t unexpected have to fill your Sunday evenings with family dos or something worse like practice – another major series is on the way in the New Year.

It’s called Dynasty, and producers contend the thought is to follow a family for a series of years “to see the ups and downs”.

No Bobbit worms please.

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