John Stamos has a honeyed new addiction

John Stamos went into rehab to kick piece abuse, but now he has a new gorilla on his back — candy.

“I’ve incited into a candy freak,” he confessed at the Broadway premiere of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which non-stop on Sunday. “As a child we didn’t like candy and now I’ll eat anything and they have to censor it in my residence and last night we found some chocolate eggs from Easter and we brought them with me today.”

In Jul 2015, the “Full House” star checked into a reconstruction trickery shortly after being arrested on guess of DUI in Beverly Hills. Following a month in treatment, he tweeted “I’m back! Took a month to take caring of things. Healthy. Feeling beholden for the adore support of family friends.”

Stamos joked that now his family and friends have to keep him from going by the residence seeking out sweets.

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“The girlfriend, the housekeeper, the police…” he named as helpers. “But you know, I’ve complicated it since they have all this investigate on sugar and it’s horrific for you. we suspicion we had other obsession issues, which is fine, but the candy has been horrific for me.”

Stamos, 53, is famous for his illusory complexion, good grin and childish looks. A sugar robe would seem to be among the last things he needs, but the man is hooked.

“It’s like, you’ll have a piece of candy and you’ll be like, we have to have another one and late at night too,” he confessed

Stamos told us that switching to another drug isn’t the solution, yet he’s not certain about this next step in his battle with candy.

“I don’t know what I’m going to go to next,” he joked.

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