LGBTQ people are ‘nearly invisible’ in film, GLAAD reveals

The LGBTQ village is many invisible on the big screen.

A new report conducted by GLAAD reveals that LGBTQ people continue to be underrepresented in Hollywood, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Only 23 of the 125 cinema expelled by major studios in 2016 enclosed LGBTQ characters and many of them had reduction than a notation of screen time.

Benedict Cumberbatch's impression All in Zoolander 2 was called transphobic.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s impression “All” in Zoolander 2 was called transphobic.

(Paramount Pictures)

Still, it is a slight boost of 18.4% from the year prior. However, only 20% of the characters were non-white, which went down from 2015 by 25.5%, according to the report.

‘Zoolander 2’ slammed for ‘cartoonish’ transgender impression

None of the studios perceived “excellent” or “good” ratings, but rather only “poor” or “insufficient.”

John Cho stars as Sulu in Star Trek.”

John Cho stars as Sulu in “Star Trek.”

(Industrial Light Magic/Industrial Light Magic)

“With many of the many renouned TV shows proudly including LGBTQ characters and stories, the time has come for the film attention to step up and show the full farrago of the universe that film audiences are vital in currently instead and finish the old-fashioned amusement seen in many films,” Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD’s boss and CEO, pronounced in a statement.

Not only were the characters scarce, they also served as “outdated punchlines” in the scripts.


Jharrel Jerome and Ashton Sanders in “Moonlight”

(David Bornfriend)

The only transgender impression represented was Benedict Cumberbatch’s impression in “Zoolander 2” and it was rarely criticized for being transphobic in what was described as a “cartoonish mockery.”

‘Moonlight,’ ‘Transparent’ win at GLAAD Media Awards

A protest petition was even started against the film.

The classification did compensate reverence to some of the successes of the year including last year’s “Star Trek Beyond” and Oscar-winner “Moonlight.”

“Films like Moonlight infer there is a outrageous event to not only tell LGBTQ stories estimable of Oscar gold, but to open the hearts and minds of audiences here and around the universe in places where these stories can be a salvation to the people who need it most,” Ellis continued.

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