Marvel reveals comic book prequel series ‘Old Man Hawkeye’

Marvel is prepared to hit a bull’s-eye with a new comic book series centering on its sharp-shooting archer, Hawkeye, which serves as a prequel to the extravagantly renouned “Old Man Logan” saga.

Set 45 years in the future, the 12-issue series patrician “Old Man Hawkeye” follows the drastic marksman as he embarks on a tour 5 years before the events of “Old Man Logan.”

Like that strange series, “Old Man Hawkeye” takes place in a dim universe where Marvel’s many cruel super villains have banded together and dismissed the Avengers, leaving only a few survivors.

The new series is being penned by longtime Daily News contributor Ethan Sacks, who will tell the story of the aged Hawkeye — whose genuine name is Clint Barton — fighting to revenge his depressed comrades while he still can.

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Old Man Hawkeye, which is set to launch in January, is a prequel to 2008's much-loved Old Man Logan.

“Old Man Hawkeye,” which is set to launch in January, is a prequel to 2008’s much-loved “Old Man Logan.”

(Marco Checchetto/Marvel)

“In this story, he’s losing his prophesy and that arrange of forces him to confront something really terrible that happened to him privately 45 years ago, and go on his own hero’s tour while he still can,” Sacks told the Daily News.

“It’s very much like a ticking time that’s forcing him into action.”

Hawkeye served as the primary partner to Logan, aka Wolverine, in Mark Millar’s “Old Man Logan” series, which launched in 2008. The learned archer had already left blind from glaucoma in those stories.

The first issue of the “Old Man Hawkeye” monthly series is set for recover in January. Each book will be illustrated by renouned Marvel artist Marco Checchetto, whose work can now be seen in Marvel’s ongoing “Star Wars: Captain Phasma” series.

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“Old Man Hawkeye is, on its own terms, an epic story,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said.

“Readers will benefit discernment into formerly determined characters, try new corners of the Wasteland, meet new characters, and learn sparkling Easter eggs all via Clint’s journey.”

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Hawkeye’s tour will see him confronting off against a slew of ominous villains, including Venom, as the favourite ventures by a area that’s mostly different to readers so far.

“This is a flattering abounding universe that we’ve only seen a little partial of,” Sacks said.

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Hawkeye — who is portrayed in the Marvel cinema by Jeremy Renner — doesn’t exaggerate any tangible super powers, but his wit and implausible aim with his crawl and arrow help him survive.

The new series marks the second plan for Sacks published by Marvel. He wrote an eight-page story about the Daily Bugle in the third issue of Marvel’s “Secret Empire: Brave New World,” which was expelled progressing this year.

The series will see an aged Hawkeye going on journey 5 years before the events of Old Man Logan.

The series will see an aged Hawkeye going on journey 5 years before the events of “Old Man Logan.”

(Marco Checchetto/Marvel)

It’s been a dream come loyal for Sacks, a maestro of the journal attention for over 20 years, to write for Marvel. He grew up reading comic books and is a large fan of Hawkeye as good as “Old Man Logan,” making it even sweeter for him to write this prequel.

“My mom always used to contend we spent distant too much income on comic books,” Sacks joked. “But demeanour at me now.”

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