Miles Teller arrested for open drunkenness

Actor Miles Teller, whose work in films including “Whiplash” and “The Spectacular Now” has done him one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, was arrested in San Diego Sunday morning for open immoderation after refusing to cooperate, the Daily News has confirmed.

The “Fantastic Four” star, 30, was merrymaking with a organisation of male friends around 12:30 a.m. when an officer believed he was drunk, San Diego Police Department officer Billy Hernandez told the Daily News.

While speaking with the officers, Teller had difficulty station up, and after scarcely descending into the street during his evaluation, was ecstatic to a detox core as partial of a San Diego program that allows dipsomaniac people to equivocate detain if they nap it off for 4 hours on a pad at a volunteer-run center.

But Teller refused to concur at the detox center, and he was denied admission, Hernandez said.

Miles Teller slams report he was ostensible to star in ‘La La Land’

At that point, he was arrested for being dipsomaniac in public, and spent several hours at the San Diego Central Jail before he was released.

Teller addressed the conditions with a twitter Monday afternoon, explaining that he had been in San Diego to revisit a crony who was about to be deployed. There were discrepancies between the police department’s comment and Teller’s side of the story, as Teller claimed he was not arrested.

“Went down to SD to see my friend before he deployed,” the actor wrote. “I wasn’t arrested we was incarcerated (because) there was no justification to charge me with a crime.”

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