Model who antiquated Joe Jonas spooked by building doorman

Swimsuit indication and former Joe Jonas gal companion Juliana Herz has fled her Chelsea apartment, where she claims she was being tormented by a former doorman.

The Costa Rican stunner, who was related to the center Jonas hermit by the first half of 2016, has hired array longhorn profession Sal Strazzullo to get her out of her lease.

In a minute to the company that manages the W. 23rd St. high-rise where Herz lived, Strazzullo claims a former employee has hassled the top indication verbally and electronically. He also tells us that the former doorman used personal hit information obtained from the building’s annals to harass Herz. The “harassment has been passionate in nature” and has “occurred at all hours of the night,” Strazzullo says in the letter.

In a recording Strazzullo played for Confidential, a man who he says is a former doorman leaves an assertive summary for Herz on her voice mail.

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The voice on the phone asks Herz on several occasions to explain privately how she’s being harassed, and then ends the voice mail: “Ask yourself that before you go to bed. How am we badgering you?”

Strazzullo is also in possession of a Jul 5 content summary sell that he says occurred between Herz and the doorman. The former gatekeeper appears to ask the indication to keep their association a secret and tells her, “I’ve just been checking! Watching! Observing! All we can contend is that I’m impressed.” In that exchange, Herz says she finds the texts inapt and asks that they stop.

Model Juliana Herz wants out of her lease, claiming a former building employee continues to harass her.

Model Juliana Herz wants out of her lease, claiming a former building employee continues to harass her.

(James Keivom/New York Daily News)

But according to Strazzullo, when Herz changed her effects out of the building last Wednesday since she no longer felt stable at the address, the former doorman, who Strazzullo says stopped operative for the Chelsea skill in July, “inexplicably showed up” and claimed he was there visiting a friend.

Strazzullo tells us that he is seeking “every pill rapist and civil” to strengthen Herz.

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“Anyone who rents in New York should have their private information protected,” he said.

The building’s government company did not respond to requests for comment.

This isn’t profession Strazullo’s first invulnerability of a model. In 2014, he shielded newly anointed Victoria’s Secret indication Roosmarijn de Kok when she was accused of hidden candy bars from a Tribeca Whole Foods. Those charges were dismissed.


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