10 Best Christmas films to watch on Netflix

10 Best Christmas films to watch on Netflix
You cant kick a good Christmas film (Picture: Getty)

From Arthur Christmas and Miracle On 34th Street to The Royle Family’s The New Sofa and Blackadder’s A Christmas Carol, Netflix already has several bona fide classical gratifying cinema and TV specials in its catalogue.

But if you’re wanting something a little some-more contemporary, then the streaming service has also got you covered.

Bromance comedies, all-star low-pitched extravaganzas, fatty TV movies, charcterised kids specials, and more.

Here’s a demeanour at 10 new yule offerings that have been combined this year.

Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas

Two Christmas albums, a gratifying Vegas residency, both a live-action and charcterised film – no other diva has embraced the holiday deteriorate as much as Mariah Carey.

The star cemented her standing as the Queen of Christmas in 2015 with this Hallmark special also starring Babyface, Kelsey Grammar and Mike Molly’s Billy Gardell.

Alongside renditions of much-loved Christmas classics, a reading of The Night Before Christmas and an coming from Santa himself, Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas also concludes with by distant the biggest gratifying strain of the last 25 years, All we Want for Christmas Is You.

The Night Before

Seth Rogen personification a stoner in a semi-improvised bromance comedy? Stop us if you consider you’ve listened this one before.

However, this time around the plain-spoken goofball is assimilated by two new partners in crime, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie, for a gratifying hop formed on a query to gatecrash the holy grail of Christmas parties.

The Night Before doesn’t utterly hit the highs of Harold Kumar’s drug-addled Christmas movie, but the 3 leads share a convincing chemistry and there’s at slightest a handful of moments which will have you jolt your swell like a bowlful of jelly.

A Christmas Prince

This Netflix strange sees iZombie’s Rose McIver star as a New York publisher who falls in adore with a member of the Royal family during a outing to Eastern Europe.

Yes, it sounds like one of those trite made-for-TV cinema that burden up the 24-hour Christmas film channels, but spotting just how many cliches it manages to squeeze in is all partial of the fun.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Not to be confused with the Jonathan Taylor Thomas car of the ‘90s, I’ll Be Home for Christmas actually is one of those trite made-for-TV cinema that clogs up the 24-hour Christmas film channels.

Here, Mena Suvari (American Pie, American Beauty) stars as a singular mom whose plans for the big day are disrupted when her disloyal father (James Brolin) comes to town.

Expect copiousness of picture-perfect wintery scenery, terrible discourse and heartwarming hugs.

Christmas Eve

No foreigner to gratifying movies, one-time Scrooge Patrick Stewart stars in this comedy play about 6 New Yorkers who get trapped in an conveyor the night before Christmas.

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), James Roday (Psych) and Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) also co-star in the holiday tale, but be warned: Christmas Eve is now one of those detrimental films with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of zero.

A Christmas Horror Story

Starring nothing other than William Shatner, this 2015 recover continues the resurgence of horror anthologies spearheaded by the likes of the ABC and VHS franchises.

Cleverly weaving together tales involving a zombie-fighting Santa, a Christmas tree sport outing left wrong and the clearly in-vogue Krampus, A Christmas Horror Story was one of the hits of the 2015 Frightfest.

Dreamworks Home For The Holidays (available 1 December)

Having accessible an whole album’s worth of Christmas songs back in 2013, Kelly Clarkson once again celebrates the holiday deteriorate by lending her voice to this code new charcterised feature.

Dreamworks Home for the Holidays stars the strange American Idol and Parks and Recreation’s Ben Schwartz as themselves in a special gratifying book of Netflix strange series, Home Adventures with Tip and Oh.

Christmas Inheritance (available 15 December)

Andie MacDowell on the red carpet
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If the likes of The Christmas Prince and I’ll Be Home for Christmas still hasn’t confident your ardour for rational made-for-TV Christmas movies, then demeanour no serve than Christmas Inheritance.

Here Andie MacDowell stars as an heiress who must broach a special Christmas label to her hometown in sequence to get her father’s present business.

But disaster strikes when a sirocco leaves her stranded there and (pass the sick bucket) she’s forced to learn the loyal definition of Christmas.

El Camino Christmas (available 15 December)

10 Best Christmas films to watch on Netflix
(Picture: Netflix)

Starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Jessica Alba and Dax Shepard, this gratifying dim comedy sounds a little reduction groanworthy.

El Camino Christmas sees Luke Grimes (Fifty Shades of Grey) try to lane down the father he’s never met, only to get trapped on Christmas Eve in a wine store spoliation with 5 pointless strangers.

Krampus (available 25 December)

You can also check out unarguably the best Christmas horror film of the decade so distant when this 2015 story of the half goat, half demon famous as Krampus hits Netflix just in time for Christmas dinner.

Starring the likes of Adam Scott, Toni Collette and David Koechner, the quadruped underline provides copiousness of both scares and laughs, and is the ideal remedy to the sickly-sweet Christmas specials that customarily browbeat the big day.

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