9 Netflix cinema that animal lovers will adore

9 Netflix cinema that animal lovers will adore
Air Bud: Golden Receiver, about a basketball personification dog branch to American football, is maybe one of the many inconceivable options (Picture: Disney)

Think of Old Yeller, Turner Hooch, or Marley Me and you’ll see a identical trend.

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While many animal cinema demeanour friendly and cuddly on the outside, their bent to kill off their executive mutt, moggy or mare can mostly make them a harrowing, blub-inducing experience.

But if you wish to watch an animal film protected in the believe that you won’t be traumatised by the time the finish credits roll, then Netflix has got you covered.

Here’s a demeanour at 9 live-action animal-based titles now accessible on the streaming service which are distant some-more ‘awww’ than ‘aaaagh.’

Hotel For Dogs

Long before she became typecast as the relentlessly bitchy roar queen, a some-more trusting Emma Roberts played one of two orphans who renovate a empty hotel into a dog bliss to residence the little pooch outcast by their parsimonious new encourage parents.

Sure, Hotel For Dogs can be delicate nauseating at times, but there’s fun to be had examination its friendly canines of all shapes and sizes using amok and putting the adult baddies (played by Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon) resolutely in their place.

Air Bud: Golden Receiver

There are 5 entries on Netflix from one of the many surprisingly fast film franchises of new years, and nonetheless they all flattering much follow the same formula, we’ve opted for the many preposterous.

This 1998 supplement sees the drastic Golden Retriever barter basketball for American football while attempting to frustrate a mean Russian playground owners and help his tween child owners get over his father’s death.

Max 2: White House Hero

This direct-to-DVD supplement is presumably even some-more flag-waving than the original, a warn US box bureau hit in 2015.

This time around the loveable favourite saves the day again when he gets reserved to the White House and thwarts an try to kidnap the President’s son.

The Black Stallion

One of the many acclaimed animal cinema ever, The Black Stallion perceived nominations at the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAs, and spawned both a 1983 supplement (also accessible on Netflix) and an early ’90s TV series.

The equine story stars a then-11-year-old Kelly Reno as a plague survivor stranded on a dried island with only an Arabian equine for company. But it’s when they get back to civilisation and take on the universe of equine racing that their journey truly begins.


The story of an individualist duck rancher who trains a Maremma sheepdog to strengthen his hometown’s penguin population, this 2015 Aussie crack sounds like pristine fantasy, but is actually formed on a loyal story.

In fact, the genuine Oddball done headlines progressing this year when he upheld divided at the comparatively old age of 15, and this desirable crowd-pleaser serves as an sexual reverence to the doubtful hero.

Albion: The Enchanted Stallion

John Cleese, Debra Messing and Stephen Dorff conduct up the surprisingly star-studded expel of this 2016 anticipation adventure.

Here, the suggested fascinated stallion leads a 12-year-old girl into Albion, a enchanting universe she’s tasked with saving from the clutches of an immorality general.

Russell Madness

If a football-playing Golden Retriever isn’t fantastic adequate for you, then how about a wrestling Jack Russell terrier?

Yes, that is the tangible grounds of Russell Madness, an unashamedly foolish kids comedy which also happens to underline a Segway-riding gorilla manager hexed by the suggestion of his late owner.

How To Steal A Dog

Based on the same-named novel by Barbara O’Connor, How To Steal A Dog is a little some-more saddening than the rest of the family-friendly offerings here.

As its pretension suggests, this South Korean crack centres on an bankrupt immature girl who naively believes that hidden a abounding dog owner’s honour and fun will lead to a prerogative good adequate to buy her family a new house.

Mouse Hunt

Despite the fact that Lee Evans and Nathan Lane spend almost the entirety the film trying to kill a friendly mouse, this classical mid-90s comedy is still a protected watch for any rodent lover.

Indeed, the rodent outwits the untimely fibre bureau owners at every spin in a well-crafted hop packaged full of unashamedly stupid slapstick.

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