Defiant Kaya Scodelario hopes passionate attack she suffered age 12 ‘won’t conclude her’

Defiant Kaya Scodelario hopes passionate attack she suffered age 12 'won't conclude her'
Kaya Scodelario won’t let her abuse conclude her (Picture: Getty Images)

In the early days of the Me Too movement, British singer Kaya Scodelario spoke out about abuse she suffered at the age of 12, thanking the women who came before her for pity their stories and given her the bravery to do the same.

Now Kaya has suggested that nonetheless the response ‘was wonderful’ she hopes that it doesn’t conclude her.

‘The response was wonderful, it was a service but we am still traffic with it, and we am now traffic with a new side of it, which is this,’ she says.

‘I will be asked about it perpetually now. we wish it doesn’t conclude me but it will always be under my name and we accept that – but we am unapproachable we was dauntless adequate to do it and we am beholden for the support we had from friends.’

Kaya took to Twitter on 16 Oct to tell her story.

‘It’s taken me 13 years to contend #MeToo .He is still stable by ‘family members’ in Brazil. They’ve told lies to papers to try to overpower me,’ she tweeted.

‘No more,’ she added, ‘I wish to appreciate every singular person who has oral out about passionate assault/harassment recently.You’ve given me the courage. To finally pronounce out and not be afraid. To everybody still pang silently, you never asked for it. NOBODY DOES.’

Defiant Kaya Scodelario hopes passionate attack she suffered age 12 'won't conclude her'
Kaya is best friends with The Maze Runner organisation and she says they all calm her ‘support’ (Picture: Getty)

Speaking to as she earnings to the open eye with the third and final film in The Maze Runner series, The Death Cure, Kaya is austere that we all need to remember that these stories are not just from Hollywood.

‘It was banned and it happened to someone we didn’t know, and Me Too showed us it could occur to your friend, your sister, the women portion you food in a restaurant, it doesn’t just
happen in movies.

‘And we remember meditative that if we was 12-years-old and we had this horrific thing occur to me but we saw a lady we dignified speaking up about it, it would have done me feel reduction guilty, and it would have desirous me to consider “this won’t hold me back, this is something that has happened but we am not a victim”.

‘So we suspicion if we can do that for one person then we owe it to my 12-year-old self.’

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