Liam Neeson calls gender compensate opening ‘disgraceful’ – but refuses to take a compensate cut

Liam Neeson calls gender compensate opening 'disgraceful' - but refuses to take a compensate cut
Liam pronounced he wouldnt take a compensate cut Picture: Tara Ziemba/WireImage)

Liam Neeson’s promo debate for The Commuter seems to be causing some-more outrage than fad about the film.

During his talk on Ireland’s The Late Late Show, Liam pronounced that passionate nuisance allegations in Hollywood were branch into a ‘witch hunt’, and shielded Dustin Hoffman against allegations of inapt poise on set, claiming touching a colleague’s breast was ‘childhood stuff’.

Now, comments have emerged in which the actor admits that men need to be partial of the solution for the gender compensate opening – but refuses to take a compensate cut.

In an talk with the Associated Press, the 65-year-old pronounced of the gender compensate gap: ‘There’s a lot of contention about it and a lot of healthy and required contention about it since the inconsistency infrequently is fucking disgraceful.

‘We’re starting and it’s starting with these unusual actresses and dauntless ladies and we as men have got to be partial of it. We started it, so we have to be partial of the solution.’

Liam Neeson
The actor pronounced men must be partial of the solution for the gender compensate opening Picture: Getty)

However, when asked either he would take a compensate cut, Liam said: ‘Pay cut? No, no, no, no, no. That’s going too far. There has to be parity; there just has to be.’

Many people on social media have hit out at his comments, nonetheless some have shielded him.

One person tweeted: ‘The indicate is positively not that he won’t take a compensate cut, it’s that the women should be paid just as much as him!!! Liam Neeson RIGHTLY refusing a compensate cut is not the problem to concentration on here.’

Neeson’s comments come as it emerged that Mark Wahlberg was paid 1,000 times some-more than his All The Money In The World co-star Michelle Williams for reshoots.

As the expel returned to reshoot scenes for the film after Kevin Spacey was transposed by Christopher Plummer, Wahlberg’s group negotiated a reshoot price of $1 million.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams
Mark was paid $1m for reshoots, while Michelle perceived $1,000 (Picture: Eric Charbonneau/REX/Shutterstock)

However, Williams – who is represented by William Morris Endeavour, the same group as Wahlberg – was paid $1,000.

It has been claimed that this compensate inconsistency was down to agreement negotiation, rather than a gender compensate gap.

A source told People: ‘Once the Spacey conditions happened, Michelle nicely, wholeheartedly and willingly done herself accessible for reshoots and in spin was paid the per diem reshoot rate. As for Mark, and since he had casting approval, he motionless to take advantage of that partial of his agreement and renegotiate his altogether film price before filming with Christopher Plummer could proceed.

‘It wasn’t that he was paid an additional million for the reshoot while Michelle and all the other costars were just paid per diem for the reshoot. He opted to renegotiate his altogether deal.

‘So in this case, it isn’t a male/female compensate opening issue, but rather a outrageous A-list star, who was already being paid way reduction than his common quote, using his agreement and his contend in casting to negotiate an altogether bigger paycheck.’ has contacted Neeson’s repute for comment.

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