Peter Rabbit Filmmakers Regret Making Food Allergy Jokes, Apologize For The Mishap

Sony Pictures apologizes over the unresponsive food allergy fun in Peter Rabbit, which is the theme of critique in an online petition to protest the film.

The Apology

In a corner statement, Sony Pictures and the filmmakers addressed the debate surrounding the charcterised movie, which came out on Feb. 9. They uttered their bewail and certified that they should not have done light of a character’s food allergy.

The character, a rancher named Mr. Thomas McGregor (voiced by Domhnall Gleeson), is allergic to berries. In the controversial scene, Peter (voiced by James Corden) and his friends are in a burning argument with the farmer. They attack McGregor with the fruit. They even managed to land one in his mouth and McGregor had to use an EpiPen to provide his allergic reaction. The turmoil was all to get the courtesy of Bea (voiced by Rose Byrne), an animal-loving lady who lives next door.

The filmmakers apologized for including the shred “even in a cartoonish, slapstick way.” They uttered their frank bewail for “not being some-more wakeful and sensitive” to the issue.


Sony Pictures’ reparation came after the classification Kids With Food Allergies Foundation had slammed Peter Rabbit for the descent scene. The classification pronounced the stage was unnecessary. The organisation also forked out the shortcoming of the filmmakers not just to perform but also teach people on the earnest of food allergy.

“Portraying anaphylaxis as a fun can means some people to have a arrogant opinion about food allergies which can put kids with food allergies at risk. We are asking filmmakers to work with us to lift recognition about the earnest of food allergies, and help us promote certain attitudes and protected environments for kids with food allergies,” reads the organization’s post.

Kenneth Mendez, boss of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, also slammed Peter Rabbit for the food allergy scene. In an open minute sent to Sony Pictures, Mendez mentioned how the filmmakers done light of the earnest of food allergies, which was “made up for attention” in the movie.

An online petition job for people to protest Peter Rabbit has also been making the rounds on social media. A discerning hunt on Twitter using the hashtag “#boycottPeterRabbit shows over 40 people have assimilated the petition.

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