Tom Cruise sprints opposite roof of Blackfriars Station while filming stunts for Mission: Impossible 6

Tom Cruise sprints conflicting roof of Blackfriars Station for Mission: Impossible
Tom is back doing what he does best Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Tom Cruise pennyless his ankle last time he filmed stunts in London, causing Mission: Impossible 6 filming to be halted for 7 weeks.

But it doesn’t demeanour like the occurrence has finished Tom heedful of doing his own stunts.

The 55-year-old was seen throwing himself into filming atop Blackfriars Station in London, with Cruise legging it conflicting the roof.

Last August, Tom pennyless his ankle while behaving the building attempt on the circuitously roof of bureau retard Baynard House.

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Tom Cruise using on roof
Location of the attempt has switched after Tom pennyless his ankle last year Picture: Flynet)
Tom Cruise filming for Mission Impossible
The attempt is being filmed on the roof of Blackfriars Station Picture: Flynet)

However, it seems like prolongation staff are desperately trying to equivocate another reversal by moving the attempt to a conflicting building.

Tom was seen sprinting conflicting the roof unaware the Thames to a getaway helicopter that circled nearby.

The movement star was bundled in a puffa coupler and a headband while the cameras were off – well, it is Jan – but when in Ethan Hunt mode, Tom was wearing a t-shirt and a skinny jacket.

Tom Cruise running
It doesn’t demeanour like his damage has put Tom off (Picture: Flynet)
Tom Cruise filming
The film is set for recover this summer Picture: Flynet)

Despite his injury, Mission: Impossible 6 is still on lane to meet its scheduled recover date of 27 Jul 2018.

And judging by the difference of Skydance Media CEO David Ellison, movement fans can design some of Cruise’s many adventurous stunts ever in the sequel.

Ellison said: ‘What Tom is doing in this film we trust will top anything that’s come before. It is positively unbelievable—he’s been training for a year.

‘It is going to be, we believe, the many considerable and unimaginable thing that Tom Cruise has finished in a movie, and he has been operative on it given right after

Rogue Nation came out [in 2015]. It’s gonna be mind-blowing.’

No pressure, Tom.

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