10 Valentine’s Day songs for your swampy playlist – from Frank Sinatra to Christina Perri

10 Valentine's Day songs for your swampy playlist - from Frank Sinatra to Christina Perri
Forgotten to buy a gift? Create a mixtape (or, y’know, a playlist) just like Chandler didn’t (Picture: NBC)

It’s Valentine’s Day – that singular day of the year we all spin into revolutionary romantics in the name of love, red roses and chocolates.

It can be a lot of work formulation the ideal warn for your poignant other, so let us help you.

Whether you need a playlist for that romantic dish you’re cooking your beloved, you’ve lost to buy a benefaction and have had the brainwave thought of throwing together a mixtape or you just adore swampy marks – date or no date – these 10 songs will see you by today.

Please note: Ed Sheeran does not underline on this list, nor does Whitney Houston.

Here are the 10 ultimate Valentine’s Day songs to get you in the mood for lovin’…

1. My Funny Valentine – Frank Sinatra

The hint is in the name but not only is it the ideal Valentine’s Day song, it’s also the ideal lane to kick off the playlist and set the tone.

My Funny Valentine – Ella Fitzgerald

If Frank isn’t your man (sorry, but what?), try Ella Fitzgerald’s chronicle of My Funny Valentine. Both are equally lovely versions.

2. Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young

You can’t find a strain some-more mystic of Valentine’s Day than John Paul Young’s Love Is In The Air. This iconic 1977 disco lane facilities lyrics including ‘Love is in the air everywhere we demeanour around’ and ‘And it’s there when we demeanour in your eyes’, sing this change for your desired one for spirit points.

3. How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees

You can’t let Valentine’s Day go by but a bit of the Bee Gees – and their 1977 lane How Deep Is Your Love is the ideal delayed strain to get you and your valentine realising just how much you adore any other.

4. Happy Valentine’s Day – Outkast

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about delayed ballads – supplement OutKast’s 2003 lane Happy Valentine’s Day to get the party started.

5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? – Elton John

Recording in 1994 for The Lion King, could there be a some-more suitable strain for Valentine’s Day evening?

6. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Bruno’s 2010 track.strikes the ideal change between a delayed ballad and an upbeat disco tune. Add it onto your playlist for a complicated mangle from the crooners.

7. Just The Way You Are – Barry White

Thirty-two years before Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are was released, Barry White expelled his iconic strain of the same pretension in 1978. Featuring lyrics like ‘I adore you, just the way you are’, who wouldn’t wish this lane played for them by their desired one?

8. Be My Baby – The Ronettes

Another lane with suggestive lyrics for Valentine’s Day is The Ronettes’ 1964 lane Be My Baby. Upbeat, joyous and with lovely, romantic lyrics, it’s the lane to play for those that aren’t that into the delayed ballads.

9. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Christina Perri’s 2011 lane A Thousand Years is for the hopeless romantics among us – and those that are still rooting for Edward and Bella, of course.

10. The Way You Look Tonight – Tony Bennett

He was hailed as the biggest thespian in the universe by Frank Sinatra so, with us starting the list with Ol’ Blue Eyes, it’s only wise we finish it with Mr Bennett. His 1958 cover of Frank’s strange lane is as undying as it is romantic. If you only play one lane today, make it be this one.

If you do confirm to make your desired one a mixtape, just make certain you learn from Chandler’s mistake, yeah?

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