Cardi B was pounded by a cheetah while filming the Bodak Yellow video

Cardi B was pounded by a cheetah while filming Bodak Yellow
Cardi B was scarcely pounded by a cheetah (Picture: Cardi B/YouTube)

Musicians are famous to humour for their art but Cardi B had a flattering frightful moment while filming the music video for her dermatitis hit, Bodak Yellow.

The video, which has racked up over 456,491,100 views on YouTube to date, sees the rapper being a boss in scenes shot in both Dubai and New York.

Some sold scenes shot in Dubai featured genuine life cheetahs and one of them became assertive during the shoot.

The video’s executive Picture Perfect non-stop up about the moment in an talk with Genuis.

He explained: ‘We actually got this cheetah from Sultan out there.I didn’t know how tough it was gonna be to get a cheetah out there.

‘We shot this other stage that we didn’t use, and he pounded Cardi in that scene.’

Cardi B was pounded by a cheetah while filming Bodak Yellow
The rapper filmed several scenes with the outlandish cats (Picture: Cardi B/YouTube)

In the tender footage, the rapper can be seen station a few feet divided from the cheetah and rapping her hymn while she binds him on a leash.

The cheetah unexpected turns its conduct and hisses at her and Cardi immediately tries to get some stretch between herself and the outlandish cat.

She’s listened saying: ‘No no no, come hold him!’

Picture Perfect then suggested they managed to get Cardi’s ‘spirits back up’ and filmed another stage with a opposite cheetah.

He continued: ‘We wanted to actually get a shot of a cheetah in the newcomer chair but no one would determine to let us do that.

‘This cheetah right here, he’s eaten about 6 pounds of deer beef at this time, and he’s just calm.

‘I pronounced to her, “People will wish to see you pet this cat.” And we went for it. we was nervous.’

Cardi was substantially really blissful she didn’t really finish up with bloody boots on that day.

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