Elton John gives high regard to Camila Cabello and says 2018 is going to be her year

Elton John is a outrageous fan of Camila Cabello
Elton John speaks rarely of Camila Cabello during his Beats1 Radio talk (Picture: Getty Images)

Elton John is a big fan of Camila Cabello’s.

Elton John gave high regard to Cuban-American thespian during his Beats1 Radio interview.

The Tiny Dancer thespian believes Camila is going to have an extraordinary year and says the cocktail star’s annals creates him smile.

He said: ‘Camila Cabello just had the outrageous hit with Havana, we consider she’s going to have an extraordinary year given she’s just so beautiful and so much fun and she’s got a good voice and she has good attitude.’

Elton John is a outrageous fan of Camila Cabello
Camila’s self patrician manuscript is expelled on Friday (Picture: REX)

The 70-year-old thespian combined that he thinks 2018 will be her year.

‘I consider 2018’s going to be an extraordinary year for her. we have never met her. Never oral to her, never, but we just adore her.’

Her hit Havana was already the longest using womanlike No.1 singular given Adele‘s Someone Like You and now she looking very gentle in her seventh week at the top of the US radio charts.

Elton John continued: ‘If we spoke to her we would just contend “Congratulations, you make me happy. Your annals make me smile.” we just adore that attitude, there’s a vibrance here that creates me feel good. It creates me wish to get up and dance.’

Camila’s self-titled entrance manuscript Camila is expelled this Friday and is already garnering soap-box reviews.

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