Garbage thespian Shirley Manson insists ‘men need to start policing their own’ as she criticises Grammy President Neil Portnow

Garbage thespian Shirley Manson insists 'men need to start policing their own'
Shirley Manson’s comments were in response to the Grammys boss suggesting women in music ‘step up’ (Picture: Getty)

Shirley Manson has oral out against the Grammy President Neil Portnow’s which insisted that women must ‘step up’ last month – and it ain’t pretty.

The 51-year-old pronounced in response to the comments that ‘men need to start policing their own’ when it comes to representing their gender.

She told The Independent: ‘If we were a dude, we would be so broke to have my sex represented in this way. It creates men demeanour so out of touch. Men need to start policing their own. These attitudes are so archaic, un-evolved and definitely insulting.’

Her comments come after Portnow responded to the fact that Lorde didn’t get invited to do a solo opening at the Grammys in January, despite being an Album of the Year nominee.

Garbage thespian Shirley Manson insists 'men need to start policing their own'
Lorde was one of the only Best Album nomineed not to perform (Picture: FilmMagic)

The other nominees in her category, who were all male artists, were given a container on the show to perform bar Jay Z, who declined the event to perform.

Portnow pronounced at the time: ‘I consider it has to start with women who have the creativity in their hearts and their souls who wish to be musicians, who wish to be engineers, who wish to be producers, who wish to be partial of the attention on an executive turn to step up.

‘There’s so many opportunities today. So if someone’s ardent about it, doesn’t matter what your gender, genre, embankment – do it yourself, take it from your heart and put it out there.’

Garbage thespian Shirley Manson insists 'men need to start policing their own'
Neil Portnow came under fire for his comments on women in music (Picture: Invision/AP)

Well, copiousness of womanlike artists were flattering insane at these comments – not to discuss Manson.

‘My first suspicion on his annoying harangue was, “What an ignorant, sexist, misogynistic, out of hold and tone-deaf old fool.”,’ she said. ‘My second suspicion was that we should direct his resignation.’

The thespian combined that she’s astounded that men continue to drive transparent of fortifying womanlike artists.

She continued: ‘This kind of opinion and tongue must be hammered out. we am vacant some-more men haven’t oral out in defense of womanlike artists. It’s almost as yet they don’t consider it has any temperament on them or that it doesn’t matter to enlightenment as a whole.’

Garbage thespian Shirley Manson insists 'men need to start policing their own'
Shirley pronounced the problem is distant some-more habitual than just the music attention (Picture: Getty)

The frontwoman insists that the problem of womanlike artists not being recognized goes way serve than the music attention and starts with how we teach the children about gender idendity, countenance and sexuality, critising a ‘crazy and outdated’ binary system.

And Manson’s not the only one who’s flattering insane about Portnow’s comments. Singer Pink also called him out in a tweet which read: ‘Women in music don’t need to “Step up” – women have been stepping given the commencement of time. Stepping up and also stepping aside.’

She continued: ‘Women OWNED music last year. They’ve been KILLING IT. And every year before this.

‘When we applaud the honour the talent and accomplishments of women, and how much women STEP UP every year, against all odds, we show the next era of women and girls and boys and men what it means to be equal, and what it looks like to be fair.’

Katy Perry responded to Pink’s comment, saying: ‘Another absolute woman, heading by example.

‘We ALL have a shortcoming to call out the absurd miss of equivalence everywhere we see it. I’m unapproachable of ALL the women making implausible art in the face of continual resistance.
P.s VH1 Divas Live’.

Sherly Crowe also posted: ‘Who will immature girls be desirous by to collect up a guitar and stone when many every difficulty is filled with men? I’m not certain it is about women wanting to “step up” (as pronounced by the male in charge).’

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