Jay Z & Beyonce On The Brink Of Divorce After Sex Scandal

Beyonce is still on the verge of bringing out her twins. However, she’s already concerned in a ashamed issue together with his husband, Jay-Z.

The “Empire State of Mind” singer, who has held himself in a sex scandal, has got the other girl profound while she’s still a teen. Apart from the ashamed news, it is pronounced that their matrimony is on the margin of getting a $1 billion divorce. Apparently, the issue has done Queen Bey “upset, humiliated, and angry.”

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Gossip, there were justice papers that would infer how Jay-Z, or Shawn Corey Carter in genuine life, has tried all that he can to equivocate the DNA test that would infer either he’s the father or not.

As per the child who has now grown into a 23-year-old man, Rymir Satterthwaite, has supposing justice papers that would support his mother’s claim. Wanda, as Rymir’s papers said, has had sex sessions with “Run This Town” hitmaker in 1992.
The “Halo” singer’s husband was just 22-years-old when he brought Wanda to Brooklyn, N.Y., Marcy Projects from his home in Pennsylvania for sex.

With Jay-Z clearly shocked about the stirring exposé, it was also reported that the energy couple is firm for a divorce after the “Irreplaceable” thespian expelled her album, “Lemonade.” The blockbuster albums, apparently, is about the “No Church In The Wild” hitmaker’s infidelity.

Although Beyonce and Jay-Z have been married in 2008, and the sex liaison was reported before to their marriage, there were already other intrigue allegations that done its way to the headlines. “Jay and Bey’s matrimony is blowing up. They’re vital apart lives. They haven’t done an central proclamation since Bey isn’t ready,” an insider said.

Do you consider Jay-Z is Rymir’s father? How do you consider Beyonce will conflict when she found out the truth? Let us know your thoughts in the criticism box below.

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