Jennifer Lopez Receives Support From Ex-Husband Marc Anthony & New Man Alex Rodriguez: JLo’s Billboard Latin Music Awards Performance A Success!

Jennifer Lopez’ prohibited opening of her newest singular “Mirate” is a success during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. However, it’s not the only reason because the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” thespian was happy as reports explain that two men are giving her support.

Apparently, Lopez is getting the support she needs from two men, her former husband Marc Anthony and new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. According to ET Online, the 47-year-old’s latest lover has turn a fan of her music.

“He loves it,” Lopez said. “I’m so excited, you know, every time we finish something, we bring it home and we wish him to hear it,” she continued while articulate about her latest Spanish album.

However, despite revelation that Rodriguez is supportive, the former contestant was not benefaction at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Apparently, JLo’s boyfriend is on a business outing in Connecticut. Too bad he wasn’t means to privately see how the famous music idol bag to awards — Premio de la Estrella Award and Best Social Media.

Meanwhile, his ex-husband was benefaction in the show. Reports explain that as shortly as JLo’s opening was over, Marc Anthony has given her a station ovation.

Lopez has recently worked with Anthony and nonetheless the two has already separated, the “On The Floor” thespian certified that she’s his biggest fan. She was puzzled at first about their partnership meditative that they would only finish up fighting, however, JLo pronounced that there’s no one else that she wants “to do music with” solely for Anthony.

With Lopez and Rodriguez’s attribute apropos clever and the abounding support that she’s receiving from her ex-husband, the “Dance Again” hitmaker must feel very happy now.

What do you consider is the outcome of Marc Anthony’s support towards Jennifer Lopez? Will JLo and Alex Rodriguez’ attribute step up to the next level? Let us know your thoughts in the criticism box below.

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