K-pop stars compensate romantic reverence to Jonghyun at Golden Disc Awards

K-pop stars compensate romantic reverence to Jonghyun at Golden Disc Awards
The Golden Discs paid reverence to comfortless Jonghyun (Picture: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

The 32nd Golden Disc Awards aired a tearjerking reverence to late SHINee thespian Jonghyun.

The K-pop idol’s death repelled the universe back in Dec when the 27-year-old took his own life.

On the second night of the Golden Disc Awards, which took place in Seoul’s Kintex Center, a special video was shown, with stars including Girls Generation star Taeyon and SHINee’s Key arising messages to Jonghyun.

The reverence snarl showed clips of Jonghyun performing, with the star singing in the background.

Messages from his friends and collaborators flashed up on the screen during the video.

Key’s summary read: ‘My life’s top artist. He was a friend, a hyung, a colleague. He was Jonghyun-hyung. You’ve finished good with everything. we adore you so much.’

Taeyon, Jonghyun’s crony and collaborator, said: ‘I’m so contemptible for not being means to cuddle you as much as we wanted. we adore you, I’m contemptible and I’m also thankful. we skip you so much, we wish to hold you hands.’

And rope EXO said: ‘A loyal artist, Jonghyun sunbae-nim. We skip you so much and adore you so much. We will perpetually remember you.’

Following the reverence video, Lee Hi took to the theatre to perform Breathe, which was created by Jonghyun.

However, the 21-year-old’s emotions got too much for her, and she was incompetent to sing a hymn of the strain as she teared up.

On night one of the Golden Disc Awards, leader of the Digital Daesang IU spoke of her unhappiness at losing Jonghyun, and urged K-pop idols to take caring of themselves.


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